May 30, 2023

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‘Youtuber’ found the car of two teenagers who went missing 21 years ago in the United States at the bottom of a river.


12 dic 2021 06:17 GMT

Jeremy Pew Sights is dedicated to finding the missing, and he’s posting the cases he’s investigating on his YouTube channel ‘Exploring with Knuckle’.

The car of two young men who went missing 20 years ago has been found at the bottom of a river in Tennessee (USA).

Jeremy Pew Sights, 42, is dedicated to the search for the missing, and he posts the cases he is investigating on his YouTube channel ‘Exploring with Knuckle’. Thus, during a diving mission in Sparta at the end of November He discovered A Pontiac Grand vehicle with human remains.

White County Police Confident On December 1st The car’s license plate was found to be fitted Jeremy Bechtel, 17, and Erin Foster, 18, were traveling with Pontiac when two teenagers left Foster’s home on April 3, 2000, and disappeared without a trace.

Page and his crew searched the deep waters of the Golfkiller River and found the car Using Sonar a side scan, before sending divers to pick it up.

The video of the car recovery shows the moment Rusty Pontiac, its frame is almost intact, Taken from the river. The human remains inside the car were sent for dental testing with dental record comparisons.

The details of how the car ended up in the river are not yet known, although in 2000, authorities suspect that teenagers lost control of Pontiac and fell into the water.

Jeremy Beau Sight, who already has more than 120,000 subscribers, finds his targets on a website that lists unresolved cases of “missing from the planet and missing in their cars”.

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