May 31, 2023

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World Prosperity Index 2021: Argentina ranks best in “personal freedom” and worst in “economic quality”

Argentina is a conflicting country in terms of individual freedom and tolerance, but the ability to create wealth and the conditions under which it can be carried out are very poor.

With a score of 61.16 on the scale of 0 to 100, Argentina ranked 57th in the 2021 Prosperity Index produced by the Legatum Institute every year since 2007. Thought tank Factory of ideas funded by Legacy Limited, A private investment fund based in London.

“Legatum” is a Latin voice, with words like heritage (or heredity) and representatives in Spanish, 23 with one of the controversial issues starting 2022 due to the financial consensus that the national government signed last Monday. The province of Buenos Aires encourages states to levy hereditary taxes, as they have been doing since 2011. This has prompted inquiries from individuals anticipating possible new provincial laws.

The five most “rich” countries in the world by 2021 are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland.. That is, the top 5 places in the rankings are occupied by 4 Scandinavian countries. The Netherlands, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Germany and Iceland are ranked sixth to tenth.

Below the ranking and index, as The least prosperous or miserable countries appear in South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Yemen, Chad and Afghanistan (from bottom to top).

Argentina is 57th, down the top three in the rankings, but with significant variations depending on the “pillar” being measured. It ranks slightly better in “personal freedom” (26th in the world) and slightly lower in health (42nd in the rankings), but much worse in “economic quality”, where it ranks 146th, below fifth. In the table, and in the “Conditions to be Accepted”, it ranks 117th, below third. The country also ranks low on the pillar of “social capital” (97) and excels in “education” (52) and “governance” (54).

Argentina lags far behind in “personal freedom” and health, but is far worse off in terms of “economic quality” and “acceptable conditions”.

In Latin America, Uruguay (37th) is followed by Chile (38th) and Costa Rica (39th). The least prosperous or most unfortunate are Haiti and Venezuela.

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Cultural issues

A comparison between the valuation of some rich countries and the general position of certain “pillars”, for example, allows us to notice the difference between the position of Asians in Japan and South Korea, or the position of Muslims in the United Arab Emirates. And Qatar, with their scores on social capital and personal liberty,

56 countries with the best conditions "Prosperity" 2021, according to the study
56 countries with the best “prosperity” conditions by 2021, according to the study

As of 2019 and 2020, the 2021 edition of the index covers 167 countries, covering 99.4% of the world’s population, and is estimated using 300 indicators, more than 45,000 data capture points and various sources from the World Health Organization. UNESCO, UNICEF, OECD, World Bank, IMF, Global Values ​​Survey, Pew Research Center, Amnesty International, Ocean Health Index and International Property Organization Intellectual.

Pillars of Prosperity

Information is organized into three platforms: content, economic transparency and the empowerment of individuals, valued by the 12 “pillars” of wealth, viz.

-Security: The extent to which wars, civil strife and crime disrupt the security of the people, individually and immediately or with long-term consequences.

-Individual Freedom: Assesses status and progress in terms of fundamental rights, individual liberty and social tolerance (gender, race, religion, etc.).

-Rule: Institutional quality, checks and reserves and the level of government performance and cleanliness or corruption.

Argentina tops the rankings
Argentina tops the rankings

-Capital Community: The level of strength and confidence in social and personal relationships, the acceptance of norms and the level of civic participation.

Investment environment: It asks to what extent investments are adequately protected and accessible

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– Conditions to be followed: Establishes the extent to which existing regulations are favorable or impediment to starting and expanding a business activity.

Infrastructure and market access: It measures the quality of the infrastructure for doing business and the extent to which markets for goods and services are distorted.

-Economic quality: An economy is ready to create any amount of wealth and engage the available workforce.

– Living conditions: To what extent is a “reasonable standard of living” accessible to the population: material resources, housing, basic services and connectivity?

-Health: The extent to which people are in good health and have access to the services needed to maintain it. These include health indicators, risk factors, and mortality rates.

-Education: Admission, results and quality of education in four stages: pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary. And adult skills.

– Environment: Attempts to measure aspects of the environment that directly affect people’s daily lives and changes that may affect the prosperity of future generations.

At the general level, the administrative summary of the report refers to it After a general improvement in prosperity between 2015 and 2019, there has been a stagnation over the past two years, partly due to the health and economic consequences of a kind of hollow, Govt-19 epidemic, he says. – “Due to the anxious erosion of many basic conditions of prosperity”. In particular, it points to the weakening of “accountability”, “freedom of expression” and “freedom of assembly” in most parts of the world.

The report also notes that Ukraine, a country that increased its number of seats in terms of “prosperity” last year, is now besieged by Russia. Vladimir Putin, And the most degraded country is Lebanon. Similarly, Ivory Coast, the country with the highest number of seats in the last ten years, and Syria have lost the most seats.

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