May 30, 2023

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Works that entered the public domain in 2023 | Books, movies and music

The National Library of Spain publishes a regular list of names each year Authors and topics that have become public domain, Including this year Poet Miguel HernandezAuthor of the classic “Viento del pueblo” or “Nanas de la cebolla”, as well as works such as Virginia Woolf To the lighthouse oh Mosquitoes By William Faulkner. This year, overall, assignments 174 Spanish teachersAll teachers who died in 1942. In Spain, copyright covers 80 years And, since 1987, only 70 years.

Hernandez was born on October 30, 1910 in Orihuela, Spain. and died on March 28, 1942. He is one of the reference poets Generation of ’27. Despite his desire to study, his father prevented him from doing so and forced him to take care of his flock of sheep. In his free time he read and wrote poetry with passion. Self-taught, he learned by being guided by teachers such as Paul Verlaine, Miguel de Cervantes, Pedro Calderon de la Barca and above all Luis de Congora.

During the Spanish Civil War he Sentenced to death In March 1940, but due to the recommendation of influential friends, he was able to exchange him. 30 years imprisonment. In prison he suffered from various diseases and died of bronchitis 31 years.

Besides Hernandez, there are other names on the list published by the National Library Eustaquio Jimenez (Brother of Juan Ramon Jimenez and Mayor of Mogur). Also sculptor and draftsman Julio Gonzalez In 1899, he moved to Paris to collaborate with the sculptor Picasso. Julia Casemas – one of Spain’s first opera teachers, sister of Carlos Casemas, friend of the painter Picasso- or otorhinolaryngologist who invented aurotherapy – intervention on the trigeminal nerve-, Ferdinand Ahasuerus.

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It contains InternationallyCopyright valid 70 years, entered the public domain Representative movie titlesA case of future work Fritz Lang metropolis, Jazz singer (first sound film with Al Jolson) or the character created by Detective Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes. As reported on the Public Domain Review website, the works of Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner are also copyright-free. Steppe wolf from Hermann Hesse, America from Franz Kafka and the works of the Dutch illustrator MC Escher. In the musical sphere, “Putin’ on the Ritz” by Irving Berlin was released, popularized by the film. Young Frankenstein.