May 31, 2023

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Why is it celebrated on 6th January and what is its true origin?

A classic of the Christian tradition is the story of Melchor, Caspar and Balthasar.

On January 6, the Smart people According to tradition, he is the one who brings gifts to the whole family. This is a date you can enjoy Rosca de ReyesAlong with the famous pastry cream.

According to Catholic tradition, Melkor, Caspar and Balthasar They come to worship the baby Jesus with amazing gifts.

Friday, January 6, in commemoration EpiphanyIt means revelation, because it was the day the Magi met Mary’s son and they were responsible for receiving gifts like precious stones and incense.

An ancient story about the men who brought gold to the baby Jesus. Photo: EFE

How to get Maggi

On the night of January 5, the little ones usually leave their homes Shoes Next to the manger and Christmas tree and containers Food with another Aqua For the camels.

How is a letter sent to Magi?

According to tradition, the letter is tied to a balloon that goes to heaven, and in this way, it is believed that the three wise men can receive the letter and read it.

Rosca de Reis can be eaten on any day

Thread breaks January 6 Also, according to the Bible, it was the day Melkor, Caspar and Balthasar met the baby Jesus and presented him with frankincense, gold and silver.

The new and fourth Sorcerer King

According to ancient history, there is a fourth king Ardaba. The man was in charge of bringing precious stones to Jesus, but on one occasion he found a sick old man and was faced with a difficult dilemma: stay and offer his help or continue the journey with Melkor, Caspar and Balthasar.

The only magician king who did not meet the baby Jesus.  Photo: Twitter / @PanoramaHenares
The only magician king who did not meet the baby Jesus. Photo: Twitter / @PanoramaHenares
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Artaban was a young man with a long beard and humble eyes, who lived on Mount Uchita, and the man had the gift of knowing about the most important events of the time through an oracle, and such is the account of the origin. A great light that forgives all the sins of men.

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