March 26, 2023

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Why cats have become such popular pets in recent years

“The Cato It is today The most popular pet in the world. It has been published,” he said. Surroundings of FlorenceBachelor of Biological Science in Faculty of Science, Veterinary student also studying subjects for pathology profile.

For his graduate thesis, he created the largest study of cats in Uruguay: First population characterization of domestic catsA task that really excited her.

The student explained how cats have personalitiesWednesday

“In an annual survey conducted in the UK, 67% of carers said that having a basic companion was a reason they got up and out of bed every day”Florence brings up a pet that doesn’t have as much press as a dog, but has recently become popular.

In this sense, There is something that sets these two animals apart that sometimes inspires prejudice. When the dog is a herd animalThat is, it was created to live in a group, and the cat evolved to live alone, “that’s why it depends on its resources and its territory, because in nature if it doesn’t have it, it’s going to die.”, he explained in the conversation. Country.

The cat descends from a wild ancestor Libyan wild cat, which is completely independent. The only time they interact with other animals of the same species is to mate and raise their young for three or four months. Then the mother starts having aggressive behaviors to chase them away.

“If you take an animal like that, put it in the middle of four walls and add two children and a dog, it’s like it’s too complicated,” he said. What’s so good about having pets? According to veterinary students, if they learn to understand all this from the beginning, We can count on a life partner who gives a little work and a lot of love in return.

    Self-proclaimed cat lovers don't always know what's best for their pets when it comes to showing them affection, which can affect their behavior (Photo: Pere)
Self-proclaimed cat lovers don’t always know what’s best for their pets when it comes to showing them affection, which can affect their behavior (Photo: Pere)

Although the cat did not evolve to be constantly squeezed, it is something we can get used to. First thing to keep in mind Don’t touch him while he sleeps Because if we shorten his sleep cycle – he can sleep up to 18 hours a day – we can create rejection. ” “What we can do is invite him to come closer and touch us when he is about to sniff us. Let him marry us first. What we don’t know is that a cat is more sensitive on the olfactory level than a dog. All the scents he brings from the street are super aggressive, so he has to show that whoever comes with that scent is not a threat,” he said.

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It is published that it is very important to lean in close, speak softly and do not shout at him. Touch near the head and whiskers, where animals have a lot of pheromones that indicate places, objects and people they like. Anyway, clear it up Some cats do not tolerate contact or are not interested in interacting with humans. “They are cats that live in our same house, but lead completely independent lives,” she said.

Another thing that is known is that males are more affectionate with humans or other cats than females. “Generally, if the male cat has enough food, water and territory for everyone, there is no problem, he can share. A woman forms a very strong bond with a man With other cats, especially with other women”, notes Florencia.

There are studies that establish that cats get along better with their own females or blood relatives, for example, mothers and daughters or if they are sisters. It is known as women of three colors, kittens Calico oh Carrie, they have a slight tendency to be very aggressive. There aren’t enough studies yet to know why.

Cats are companion animals, but territorial (AP Photo/Michael Probst, file)
Cats are companion animals, but territorial (AP Photo/Michael Probst, file)

As with dogs, We tend to anthropomorphize the behavior of cats and qualify it as human behavior. Florencia received a scholarship to study this course in the United States the following year. “The Cat Personality Test “This is a new area, with little research and very interesting results,” he noted.

Usually you work between five and Seven personality traits, the most common is to speak six. “They are: happiness, anxiety, compassion, dominance, reliability and demand”, he explains and adds, “the cat’s personality was found to be related to the satisfaction of the guardian who adopted him; then some of the cat’s characteristics can be adapted to some families.

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At the same time, though the personality is a Genetic basisalso has a better environmental foundation, “hence the importance of having the cat live with its mother and siblings for up to 12 weeks. That way it develops better bonds with humans and other cats, and has fewer behavioral problems as an adult.”

Does it make a difference between children and adults? Because kids don’t understand the concept yet Respect the places, the cat gets along well with teenagers and adults. It is also known that most reports of cuts, scrapes and bruises are visible to children.

The cat gets along well with teenagers and adults
The cat gets along well with teenagers and adultsDaily Mail

For seniors, it is a recommended pet as it requires very little maintenance. “They are very affectionate animals and become even more petite than a dog,” explains Florencia, who, beyond clarification, recommends them. “Very pet-like.”

* By Analia Filosi

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