May 31, 2023

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Who will take the place of Marcelo Langopardi when Mitter looks for the image of the first morning

Marcelo Longobardi

“I worked in various media and they always fired me. I just throw this revenue away myself and let things go. This is the result of a very complex decision, a very traumatic, very deep personal question ”, That was amazing a month ago Marcelo Longobardi Announced retirement the first day morning Radio meter.

From that moment on he was his companion Willie Cohen, Who also defined “Friend of work and life”, Who will take over the leadership responsibility in his place Every morning (6.00 to 10.00). However, starting Monday, December 20, Jorge Fernandez Theos will be the new driver for the first morning cycle.

“I’m going to be an alternative”, The press confirmed Teleshow He made it clear that it was a temporary one until January 31 and that Cohen would be on vacation. The station will then place the program host as a definitive alternative to cover the strip.

“The radio asked me if I could please hide, and I said yes,” I had already done that when Marcelo Longobardi went on vacation., Who even said a driver Second thought, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the same station: “In January, Miguel Vinasky, Marcelo Birmager and Adriana Veron will be in charge of my project, however I will be starring in some appearances.”

Jorge Fernandez Diaz
Jorge Fernandez Diaz

Announcing his departure, Longobardi explained: “I decided to retire from hosting the show 21 years ago. Our accountant dials 5406 plans. It’s been leading the audience since Radio’s 10 and 9 years since its launch in 2001, which is significant because of its current status and history in Argentina. “

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“Many, many listeners, colleagues, friends, have asked me questions. They asked me how it was possible to make such a decision. I am going through a great moment in my career, talking about one is so ugly, but I have no remedy. I apologize. I only have the support, affection and respect of all the directors of this radio station, which I have never seen before. I trust the love, affection and respect of my colleagues and listeners who have been very generous with us over the years, ”he added.

In addition, he reflected on how well his show, the first radio show with Martin Fierro de Oro, did: “21 years of success is more than I could have imagined as a manufacturer of mittens in the 80s. I have been more successful than I thought. At this point, when everything changes, you need to know how to drop things so as not to become addicted to the past as this morning’s song says. Sometimes things have to be left untouched. ”

In addition, he dedicated a separate column to the audience of the show, which began on Radio 10 21 years ago and debuted on Mitter in February 2013.There is no way to compliment the listener. 5406 Morning, enter their homes and be a part of their lives. I have always felt that affection, that caring, that respect and that trust that they gave us. thank you very much”, Said.

“I didn’t leave because I had plans. But I have plans when I go”, A few days before announcing his departure to his relatives, the journalist said he had been getting up at 4:30 on his morning show for two decades and arranging his life.

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He has not yet said what his future holds. His horizon connects him with the media, and he is said to have received plans to travel to the United States through Cuban-American producer Emilio Estefon.

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