May 31, 2023

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Who should start colon cancer prevention studies and at what age?

Before Pele died, yesterday, at a hospital in San PabloAdmitted to the treatment of colon cancer, since this disease is the second cause of death from malignant tumors in Argentina, it is convenient to review who and at what age preventive examinations should be performed to avoid the condition or, at least, get a diagnosis to start treatment in time.

In Argentina, About 16,000 new cases of colon cancer are diagnosed each year (an average of 43 per day) and cause about 7,500 deaths each year locally (20 per day)., It is actually a preventable disease.

Fabio Nachman, head of the Gastroenterology Service at the Favaloro Foundation University Hospital and former president of the Argentine Society of Gastroenterology, explained to LA NACIÓN Colorectal cancer is a malignant tumor that develops from a precursor lesion called a polyp in the large intestine (colon and rectum). The expert emphasized that controls are very important because in the pre-cancerous stage of the lesion, it usually does not produce dangerous symptoms.

“Prognosis is directly related to the stage at which the diagnosis is made. If cancer is detected at an early stage, the cure rate is more than 90%, and it drops below 10% in five years when it reaches advanced stages. Unfortunately, it continues to be the second leading cause of cancer deaths in our country, because “Seven out of 10 people who are recommended to do some form of screening for early detection do not do it, unlike countries where screening has been implemented in a very important way,” he lamented. Nachman.

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Colorectal cancer is a hereditary tumor in 25% of diagnosed cases, i.e. those with a history of cancer in a first-degree relative (parents, siblings and children) before the age of 60. The remaining 75% have no family history.

“There are also various aspects related to unhealthy eating habits, some of which increase the risk of cancer, such as a diet high in fat and red meat, and low in fiber, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking or drinking alcohol.” Nachman added.

There is a website There you will find an intelligent calculator developed by experts, which allows you to know when and how to start preventive examinations according to the user’s family history, and can alert you to the presence of digestive symptoms that require immediate consultation with a doctor. .


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