February 7, 2023

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Who is the first Interior Minister in the history of Chile? The surgeon who will play a key role in the new cabinet

Elected President of Chile, Gabriel Borick, Formally presented the officers to be included in his cabinet They will accompany him on his administration in Palacio de la Monet from March 11. Of the 14 women and 10 men appointed, their former campaign manager is a doctor Ischia Chichas, Who is the first female head of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Like the incoming president, Chic, 35, He was a student leader during his time at the University of Chile. He was associated with the Communist youth and was closely associated with the militants of the Broad Front.

But before joining the Abrew Dignity Command, Chic had already been out of party politics for many years. Facing the second presidential round, he joined the campaign of the renowned medical surgeon and withdrew the war from accusations he had received from other candidates for his relationship with the Communist Party.

What will be the role of the Interior Ministry in Chile and what will be the challenges for Izkia Siches

Traditionally the ownership of the interior in Chile There is the role of the political boss In the cabinet, under Sebastian Pinera’s government, Minister Rodrigo Delcado focused on security, with the President and the Secretary – General’s Secretary of State.

One of the questions that came to Iskia’s ministry was about his role in government. So, it may be a sign that Borick is appointing his former campaign manager and a well-known person to the post. There will be leadership responsibility Within the government.

The political and social status of Chich

The first and youngest president of the Chile Medical Association in 70 years came to the company’s board in 2017. Feminist agenda That encourages Fully legalizing abortion More is needed Rights to the LGBTI community.

“Presidents have always been men, white and often conservative. I am a young woman, young, left-handed, dark haired, Arica, semi-Aymara, oblique eyes, educated in a spicy school where nobody grew up, ”he said in an interview with La Secunda.

During the epidemic, His role as chairman of the Medical Council brought him to the center and gained national and international recognition. As the highest official of the trade union movement, he became a reference to the media and Chilean citizens in the uncertain moments of the first weeks of the epidemic.

In 2020, the International Association of Journalists in Chile (ACPI) selected Siches “Character of the year“High confidence and credibility in public opinion during the health crisis. In addition, he received recognition in March 2021.”Excellent women“The Women’s Economic Forum and the Times magazine named her one of the 100 leaders of the future in February of the same year.

In April 2021, Gala Simon, the first daughter of Chichis, was also born. The baby was seven months old when his mother left his post to join Borik’s command. From that moment on, he accompanied her on her journey throughout Chile, The role of women and motherhood in politics is being challenged and questioned. Throughout the campaign, pictures of his daughter traveling around the world on command buses and campaign events traveled around the world.

Announcing his resignation from the Medical Council, Chiche said, “It’s not his plan to leave,” but when Borick knocked on his door and asked to join the campaign, he said, “Everything is very clear today. I look at my daughter’s face and I know what to do”, He explained.

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