March 22, 2023

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When she was rushed to hospital and found out what was causing her condition, she couldn’t believe it: “In a second…bye bye”.

It is common to see many people today Young people who smoke electronic cigarettes Or known as vapers. however, These are not safe and many have reported health problems. In fact, a young woman named Nicole went viral when she described her consumer experience.

The teenager shared on her account Twitter In one photo he appeared in hospital and claimed to have suffered from “subcutaneous emphysema of the respiratory tract” after using an electronic cigarette.

The young woman shared her experience with electronic cigarettes on Twitter (Photo: Twitter @NicoleEliot2)

A week ago I was admitted to the hospital for subcutaneous emphysema in the respiratory tract (this is a hole in the trachea or lung)., which caused me a lot of pain and not being able to breathe at all and air bubbles between my skin layers). This emphysema is caused by only two things, a ‘vape’ or a blow to the neck, which didn’t happen to me”, explained Nicole. She also explained that this type of puncture usually heals on its own, however, this didn’t happen to her and she had to go to the hospital where she stayed for a week.

“Thank God I got to the hospital in time, but in a second that air can clog your brain or heart. I have to go. I swear I never thought this would happen to me with vape”, he thought.

Nicole admits she never believed it would happen to her because she didn’t consume as much as those around her and experienced the after effects on her health. “They’re one of those things you tell me won’t happen, I don’t smoke a lot, I don’t smoke that much either. I was worth it in two days, please people, if you can let it go, let it go!”, he warned.

Electronic cigarettes can also cause respiratory arrest and inflammatory diseases of the lungs
Electronic cigarettes can also cause respiratory arrest and inflammatory diseases of the lungsGood pictures

Finally, The young woman used the opportunity to send a message, encouraging people to question what they are actually eating. “We’re getting into the lungs and there are more cases if they want to investigate it, but at least those who know me, please leave it at that,” he concluded.

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What evidence is there of the effectiveness of these smoking cessation devices?

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of available clinical trials indicate that the evidence is at least controversial.

Electronic cigarettes create a vapor to inhale
Electronic cigarettes create a vapor to inhaleFile, archive

In short, these are devices that have not been proven effective in clinical trials and lose their potential beneficial effect in studies conducted under real conditions. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that there are better alternatives Compared to electronic cigarettes.

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