May 30, 2023

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WhatsApp: How to Send a Funny Blank Message on April Fool’s Day

Here’s how to make an April Fool’s Day joke.

December 28 is celebrated in many countries of the world Innocents DayA party with a biblical origin and it is taken to make jokes among friends and family like the traditional empty message. Share it.

The site may take sending this content to a person as ‘wrong’ and make them believe that something is wrong, but in reality it is a trick to send a message without any text.

Sharing this joke does no harm and is a way to poke fun at this date which is celebrated in countries like this. Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico Y Guatemala in Latin AmericaBut it also spreads to other countries Europe such as France, Spain and Germany.

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Here's how to make an April Fool's Day joke.
Here’s how to make an April Fool’s Day joke.

The process to send this content is very simple. First thing to do is enter this page:, copy the link and paste it into the browser on your cell phone or computer.

Once entered, the first option appears to copy a blank message and save it to the clipboard.

Then you should go to the chat Share it Paste the message to whomever you want to prank in the text box.

The other person will get an empty space in the box and if it is activated, we will get a double check of the shipment in addition to the read confirmation.

This process must be done this way because the application does not allow you to directly create blank messages to send to others, so it is necessary to use this additional tool.

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Here's how to make an April Fool's Day joke.
Here’s how to make an April Fool’s Day joke.

Another tradition on this date is to jokingly share false news, such as the money they are going to give, some news about the football team, or an announcement from government officials.

But to avoid falling prey to such jokes, Share it There are many tools and recommendations. The first is the ‘Forwarded’ label, which appears when a person shares a message from one chat to another.

Even if it has been sent more than five times, the label will change to an icon with a double arrow, indicating that it has been sent multiple times.

If this happens, content can only be shared by one person at a time, which is a way to prevent abusive chains.

Other recommendations that the application provides, always suspect the most surprising news, which indicates the impossibility, because most of them are false.

With this in mind, it is necessary to confirm this information in other sources, because if it is very surprising, it will certainly appear in other media or social networks.

Finally, the site advises to pay attention to the content of the message, as a typo or typo is a warning sign of fake news, and the link may not be compatible with media that is named or the information is out of date.

It is important to identify whether this is another joke by a friend or a fraudulent attempt using the context of a day joke around the world.

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So if the message asks for personal information or access code it is better to ignore it and delete it. Additionally, warn the other person who sent it of the potential danger.

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