March 22, 2023

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What will the new Lula do?

From St. Paul

Now that he has been released from prison and regained his political rights, Lula is set to take office again as Brazil’s president. When he introduced himself as a candidate, he established the slogan “Unity and Reconstruction”.

When I first spoke to him after his second presidential term ended, I asked him what else he had learned from his experience as president. He replied: “Emir: You cannot rule without majority support.”

This explains the need for unity in Brazil. Especially after seeing the country divided by Bolsonaro’s hate speech, Brazil was painfully torn apart and Lula was imprisoned.

But Lula won the election. But by a slim margin, it reflects how deep the rift still ran. The first weeks of his new term included his emotional inauguration and a brutal Bolsonaro move in Brasilia the following Sunday.

The first two Sundays in government will be enough to show two faces of the same country. Thus, the first note of the slogan–“unity”– acquired a dramatic dimension, not only division, but the opposition of two fiercely antagonistic faces of the same country.

Lula’s awareness of this problem led to the creation of the idea of ​​a broad front, from the left, center and even the right, a coalition of groups united by the aim of defeating Bolsonaro and Bolsonaro.

Lula also improved his ability to communicate with people from different parts of the political spectrum, trying to isolate Bolsonaro. The structure of the government reflected this complex alliance, not only of different powers but also of a broader renewal of issues. This led to the creation of a large number of new ministries, revealing the government’s breadth in addressing new issues.

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Lula’s speech and quest for the recovery of the Brazilian flag and its colors in his political image reflect this attitude. He speaks to everyone on behalf of Brazil and its interests and needs.

Reconstruction coincides with the Bolsonaro government’s diagnosis of the country’s destruction and the need to rescue it. This reconstruction must start with restoring economic growth – the government’s central theme – by radically changing the model.

The plan takes a model that has been successful in previous governments: economic growth with income sharing promoting social policies as a fundamental priority; expansion of the internal market for mass consumption; Creating millions of formal jobs and leading the fight against social and regional inequalities.

As we have already learned in this first month of the “Lula3” government, today it is difficult to project the future from the present. Not every month is like this. The balance this January is to strengthen Lula and weaken Bolsonaro.

Lula’s biggest challenges 3 are, first, to ensure a peaceful climate in the country during his government. Second, to get the economy growing again and have successful income redistribution policies. If Brazil were to get back off the hunger map and stop being the most unequal country on the most unequal continent, Lula3 would have been an even better version of his previous governments.