May 30, 2023

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What will be the price of petrol and diesel in January?

As agreed by the companies Almost a month ago, manufacturing companies joined forces with the national government. A further increase in fuel prices will come in 2023. With no confirmed date yet, the update of values ​​at the pumps is expected to come in a week, as many begin their vacations. What is the price of gasoline and diesel in January in Neuquén capital?

At the end of November, The country has confirmed the price hike December, January, February and March. In the first three, the national average increased by 4%, up from 3.8% in March.

However, according to a survey Power onBased on official data from the National Energy Secretariat, In the capital city of Neuquen, the increase in December was higher than the national average.

This was the first tax hike on petrol in the capital of Neuquen this month.

In detail, the increase in naphtha Super and Premium 4.70% and 5.99%, respectively. Grade 2 and 3 diesel were 4.70% and 5.88%.

So petrol was $131.50 a liter and, if more economical, $168 for the first tax. Diesel was at $173.60 and peaked at $232.20.

This last precedent is not new Also, in previous price updates applied in the region, It was also higher than the national average. With this, the same is likely to happen in January as well.

If the 4% markup agreed upon between the manufacturers and Nation is applied, Neuquenil prices will be as follows: The price of super petrol will be $136.76 per liter and the first line price will be $174.72 per liter.

As of next month, what will be the price of a liter of Grade 3 diesel if it is hiked by 4%?

Grade 2 diesel will cost $180.54 per liter and first tax will be $241.48.

It is worth noting that the base prices belong to the values ​​of flagship YPF service stations selling the cheapest products among the market leaders.

A liter of petrol will reach $190 in March

In parallel with the increase applied in January, taking into account the other two agreed in February and March, Gasoline will hit the $190 per liter line in Neuquen in the third month of 2023.The diesel is not far behind and will reach $260.

In addition to the 4% in January – which is likely to be higher – they will also add The increase in February and March will have a base of 4% and 3.8% respectively.

Adding the next three hikes agreed between refiners and the government, super petrol will reach a minimum of $147 a liter in March. Whereas, first-rate petrol will cost more than $188 in Newquay.

As for grade 2 diesel, it costs almost $195 per litre, while grade 3 costs upwards of $260.

Most likely, the March prices reported in this article are lower and may actually be higher because, in line with recent increases, the percentages reported for national averages are lower than those applicable to suppliers in the region.

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