March 26, 2023

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What was the 2 hour 1 minute video call of Biden and Putin and what will happen in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a virtual summit they held to discuss the dire situation on the Russia-Ukraine border. Guide through the White House / REUTERS.

It was in the distance, at a virtual meeting, but the thrown words sounded so close and sharp as if separated by a small coffee table. Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin They talked for two hours It was primarily around the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Both showed their cards very clearly. The Russian reiterated it He will not allow his former Ukrainian ally and neighbors to join NATO, The Western Security Council, or sign an agreement allowing it to establish European defense lines on its territory and reach its borders. The American reiterated that I am not going to accept any “red line” point that is not withdrawn He also had a list of tough sanctions if Russian tanks cross the Ukrainian border, as proposed by Putin.

We are now ready to do things that we did not do in 2014 (when Russia invaded and annexed Crimea).”, Biden told Putin that he raised an eyebrow when he wanted to emphasize his words. Talked about Disconnect Russian funds from the international Swift transfer system, Troops and the Patriot missile defense system in the nearby Baltic republics, and the disconnection of Russian gas supplies through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Conversation ran through these stone paths There were some clashes on the Russian-Ukrainian border Between the separatist forces of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which forms the Donbass border area and has been under the control of Russian-backed separatists since 2014. The shootings on Tuesday took place at three locations known as the Line of Control, a 250-kilometer-long moat and fortifications blocking a protracted battlefield between Ukrainian troops and their adversaries. No harm was done to the Ukrainian side, According to the army’s press office. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. According to Ukrainians, the first shootings were carried out by separatists. During this period of explosive tension, this type of violence occurs almost daily in the region It is feared that only a rowing bullet or motor shell is needed to trigger a radical expansion. On the Russian side, several battalions with tanks and missiles of about 175,000 soldiers are already stationed. The Ukrainians have more than 100,000 soldiers, almost half of the country’s army.

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a virtual meeting with his US President from his home in Sochi.  Pool via Sputnik / Michael Metzel / REUTERS.
Russian President Vladimir Putin held a virtual meeting with his US President from his home in Sochi. Pool via Sputnik / Michael Metzel / REUTERS.

“The president reiterated US support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity if Russia continues to occupy Ukraine. The United States and our European allies will retaliate with strong economic action“We will provide more defense equipment to the Ukrainians than we already have, and strengthen our NATO allies in the East with more capabilities in response to such expansion,” National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said shortly afterwards.

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The presidents addressed Video connection connected to the TNet system, a high-security network operated by the Department of Security. It took exactly two hours and a minute. According to the Oval Office, the two leaders discussed cyber-attacks by Russian hackers, nuclear weapons control and Iran’s nuclear program. In the first few minutes of the conversation, for the photos, the leaders appeared relaxed and smiling. Putin was sitting behind a long wooden table, with Biden in front of him on a large video screen., In his living room in the Russian resort town of Sochi on the shores of the Black Sea. Biden was at the White House with Secretary of State Anthony Blingen and two other officials who run Russian affairs in the administration. He broke with Putin. The US president contacted his European allies Let them know what was discussed. Frenchman Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel – on the last day of her term – were accompanied by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and British one Boris Johnson.

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia, two former Soviet powers, It was intensified in late 2013 by a major Kiev political and trade agreement with the European Union. After weeks of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych suspended talks under pressure from Moscow, weeks of protests erupted violently in Kiev. In that context, In March 2014, Russia invaded and annexed Crimea, An autonomous peninsula in southern Ukraine with strong Russian beliefs, on the pretext of protecting its interests and that of Russian-speaking citizens. In a short time, Pro-Russian separatists from the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk declared their independence from Kiev., Provoked fierce fighting for months. Although Ukraine and Russia signed a peace agreement in 2015 in Minsk with the mediation of France and Germany, there are daily ceasefire violations. More than 3,000 people have been killed so far in the conflict.

The Russian army is concentrated on the border with Ukraine.  Nearly 100,000 soldiers have already been mobilized from the Ukrainian side.  EFE / Julio Calves
The Russian army is concentrated on the border with Ukraine. Nearly 100,000 soldiers have already been mobilized from the Ukrainian side. EFE / Julio Calves

At the time, the European Union and the United States imposed a series of sanctions targeting specific individuals, companies and sectors of the Russian economy. They did not do much damage to the iron power network built by Putin. Now, with the new Russian military deployment, a new battery of deep sanctions is being prepared. For example, if Russia were to secede from the Swift system, its banks would not be able to make any international transfers to Western financial institutions or vice versa.

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But neither the Pentagon nor the Biden administration appears to be preparing for a direct confrontation with Russian troops. “That would be crazy”, A military source told the Defense One site. “I think the United States will only intervene by providing information to the Ukrainians about Russian moves, but nothing else.” This was reinforced by a “briefing” at the Pentagon, in which it was reported The plan is to expel American citizens from the territory of Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion. “This is the only thing the Pentagon is preparing to do beyond strengthening security in Latvia and Lithuania,” the military source added. At a “tough” conference for senators, senior Foreign Secretary Victoria Nuland on Monday night outlined sanctions prepared by the administration in response to a possible Russian attack, but acknowledged it. America’s options to prevent an invasion are very limited.

From Moscow, it seems that the army has no iron preference over the exercises they carry out on the border. “The main aim of the Kremlin in the current crisis is not to inflict a humiliating defeat on Kiev or to carry out the ugly mission of occupying Ukraine.Maxim Zamorkov, a colleague at the Moscow Carnegie Center, wrote in an analysis published just hours before the presidential summit. “His aim is to convince the West that Russia is ready to launch a full-scale war for Ukraine if it does not do something about the current situation and (at least in Putin’s view) it is completely unacceptable,” Zamorov added. According to Putin, any move by Ukrainian leaders to move closer to the West is an insult. There are no militant winds in Europe. Countries in the north of the continent, including Germany, depend heavily on Russia for their energy supplies, and their economy could suffer if relations with Moscow deteriorate further.

A Ukrainian military tank fires during a drill in the Kerson region on the Crimean border of the Russian-connected peninsula.  Guide to the Civil Servants' Press Service / REUTERS of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
A Ukrainian military tank fires during a drill in the Kerson region on the Crimean border of the Russian-connected peninsula. Guide to the Civil Servants’ Press Service / REUTERS of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

However, tanks and missiles are used The Russian offensive in Ukraine is expected by the end of January. In June, Putin published an article confirming it “Russians and Ukrainians are one people”, He described the formation of a racially hostile Ukrainian state as “comparable to the consequences of the use of weapons of mass destruction against us.” Eugene Rumor and Andrew S. Weiss, members of the Carnegie Endowment think tank, called Putin’s speech a “historical, political and security dilemma for preparing for an invasion.” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin explained: “Russia does not understand Ukraine and its nature. Russia continues to show that Ukraine is a kind of failed state and that Ukraine has no state, no history, no language, no religion. It is a kind of individual reality, therefore, it can create what it wants in its territory.

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A long conversation between Biden and Putin is likely to take place I have just put on cool clothes to reduce the flu fever for the next few days. This is the first step in a process that can take weeks. In 50 or 60 days we will know if they have found a satisfactory diplomatic solution for all parties. If Russian tanks advance towards Kiev or return to Moscow, they will signal the direction they will take.

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