May 31, 2023

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Went to Disney but almost got locked out for violating the park’s “dress code”.

A There was new controversy at the wonderful Disney parks. A TikToker shared his weird experience while visiting a popular tourist destination in Orlando, Florida.

Jordyn GraemeA 20-year-old man from New Jersey showed up A bold outfit that earned her a call to attention. It consisted of a backless silky textured blue blouse and jean shorts.

According to her testimony, she was warned There are Clothing does not conform to the park’s “dress code”.This caused an explosion of reactions and outrage from the virtual community.

The young woman captioned her video: “I guess Disney doesn’t like spinesAnd although he didn’t give details about how he was arrested, he said it In the end he got a profit. As long as he adheres to the codes, security personnel will give him a Disney shirt altered to fit the parameters. Unexpectedly, he got $21.29, which is what he would have cost to buy the product himself.

Jordyn Graeme revealed Disney’s “permission” for her costume

Disney World It is clear in its guidelines: “We reserve the right to refuse entry or expel any person You must wear clothing that we consider inappropriate or distracts from the experience of other visitors”.

When confronted with this situation, some viewers of the clip didn’t hesitate to respond: “How about ‘this is inappropriate for children.’ (They) don’t care, they just want to walk around and meet their favorite characters”; “As a wife and mother of three, I have no problem with these dresses,” said another commenter. Others considered Jordyn to have broken Grim’s dress. Must withstand humid Florida climate.

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However, in contrast, there were members of the virtual community who supported Disney’s determination and many explained that it could be. A safety measure and not a very obscene one: “Excessively torn or baggy clothing” can pose some hazards by getting caught in the game’s instructions or creating “”“tripping hazard”.

Registration in Jordy’s TikTok account already exists More than four million views on that social network. In addition, they mirror it on other networks and Internet forums, where they criticize the controlling policies of the Mickey Mouse Emporium.

reported earlier Other cases of teenagers deliberately going to Disney parks in inappropriate clothing In an attempt to obtain Free clothes. By some accounts, this policy is no longer followed since the hack went viral on TikTok. However, no official announcement has been made in this regard so far.

Walt Disney World Resort promises to be a “magical” destination

Next the Official Disney World Policy Regarding the attire of visitors to their amusement parks:

Before visiting the parks at Walt Disney World Resort, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing, good shoes and check the local weather report. Take the mask and check Updated guidelines for visitors on the use of masks. You must wear appropriate clothing, including Shoes and shirt, at all times. Parks offer a casual, family-oriented environment. Making sure the parks are family friendly is an important part of the Disney experience. with that soul, We ask that you use your judgment and common sense”.

It is also explained that the audience is over 14 years old “They can’t wear dresses or masks.”Tattooed people may also receive warnings.

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