May 31, 2023

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“We maintain a tradition of non-interference”

At the same time the United States, the European Union and many countries in the region They condemned Nicaragua’s presidential election this Monday is “illegal” for violating democratic guarantees. Alberto Fernandez And Christina Kirschner Spread at the last minute He made a dull statement except for rejection Re-election of dictator Daniel Ortega As leader Nicaragua.

Gaza Rosada was careful not to question Ortega, “within hours of the completion of the election law, We maintain our diplomatic tradition of not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. “. One of the most disrespectful of conflict situations affected by countries such as Chile and Colombia was the questioning of the governments of Sebastian Pinara and Ivan Duke, respectively.

“The Republic of Argentina recognizes its historic commitment to the protection of human rights and strongly supports the mission of the United Nations High Commissioner to Nicaragua Michelle Bachelet,” the statement said. Santiago Cafiro.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has won a controversial election. Photo EFE

Palacio San Martin is rare Saw some worries rehearsal It reiterates its “concern for the arrest of opposition leaders” and “the need for the Nicaraguan government to ensure the dignity of the people as a whole.” Anxiety is not like rejection or condemnation.

“We understand that democracy in Argentina is an unconditional value of ideological diversity and citizen participation.

The controversy is not new. Last month, the Argentine government Abstained from voting on the OAS resolution Nicaragua is urging the release of presidential candidates and political prisoners, demanding that it launch electoral reforms and expressing its warning that the country’s political rights situation is deteriorating. The resolution was ratified by 26 countries. Seven people abstained, including Mexico, Guatemala and Argentina.

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Official sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs deepened the interpretation of Argentina’s position before the rule of Daniel Ortega.

Continuing with the policy of non-intervention, the country insisted “Did not sever ties with Nicaragua”. He also maintains his condemnation of “physical and financial sanctions that lead to further aggravation of the suffering of his people.”

Global rejection

When Argentina showed this position, the United States and the European Union echoed the rejection of irregular elections in Nicaragua.

One of the first speakers Joe Biden. “They didn’t go Not free or fair, And they are definitely not democratic, “he said of the presidential election He called it the “Phantomime.”

In his statements released by White House spokesmen, the US president recalled the “imprisonment of nearly 40 opposition figures”, the “siege” of political parties and the closure of the “independent media” by part of the Ordega regime.

For its part, the EU confirmed that the elections “complete the transformation of Nicaragua into one.” Authoritarian rule“.

Nicolas Maduro, with Daniel Ortega, in 2013.  AFP photo

Nicolas Maduro, with Daniel Ortega, in 2013. AFP photo

On the other hand Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Russia were included.

“Peace has won in Nicaragua! The people of Nicaragua have taught the world a strong lesson in democracy. Respecting their heroic Santinista tradition and giving a great victory to #FSLN by voting. Long live Santino! Long live Nicaragua! Long live Commander Daniel!” Wrote Nicholas Maduro, In a series of celebratory tweets.

The government’s statement was a little more concise Bolivia. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs salutes the people of Brother Nicaragua for their participation in the electoral process and for their democratic career,” they said.

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It was expressed in the same style Cuba. “Congratulations to the fraternal people of Nicaragua and to Daniel Ortega and (Ordega’s Vice President and Wife) Rosario Murillo for the election results,” the president said. Miguel Diaz-Colonel And Twitter.

Russia, meanwhile, came to the crossroads of questions posed by the United States. That said there are criticisms “Unacceptable”.

Irregular and without surprises

According to official results, Ortega was re-elected in Nicaragua for the third time amid complaints of persecution by opposition leaders.

The president won with 75.92% of the vote, ahead of Walter Espinosa with 14.15%. The other four parties received between 3.3% and 1.7% of the vote.

This decision came as no surprise in light of the regime’s intrigues.

Seven opposition leaders were arrested Before the election, they were displaced from the opportunity to compete with Ortega.

Christiana Zamoro Barrios, the daughter of former President Violeta Barrios de Zamoro and a journalist, has emerged as the main candidate for the presidency. However, in May the government launched an investigation into alleged money laundering. And in June he was placed under house arrest.

Also arrested were Juan Sebastian Zamoro, Miguel Mora and Arturo Cruz Sequeira.