May 31, 2023

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Warning for the fifth wave virus of the corona virus in France | “It started like lightning”

The French government The launch of the fifth wave of corona virus infections in the country was announced this Sunday. 80% more cases were reported than last week But they said there was still room for maneuver before the restrictions were tightened.

The fifth wave started like lightningGabriel Attal, government spokesman, said in a joint interview with three French media outlets Infections rose to about 20,000 a day a week and daily deaths average 50.

“The increase in cases is high 80 percent in a week It took less than seven days for the event rate for 100,000 residents last week to go from 100 cases to 164, Attle said.

“All of these factors underscore the severity of the relapse,” the spokesman lamented.

However, compared to other European countries, France has safety mechanisms such as a higher percentage of vaccines. More than 70% of the population.

New strategies

Atal added that the French government was watching the event as it devised new strategies in the fight against the epidemic, especially when ski resorts that had been closed for more than a year were reopened.

He said the government had proposed a “red line” of 200 infections per 100,000 people in seven days, from which new restrictions should be introduced.

“Today we are at 164, but in the next few days we will cross 200.

If necessary, solutions will be sought at the local level so that these measures can be implemented as simply as possible, ”he said.

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