May 31, 2023

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Video: A cyclist was about to reach the finish line in a very difficult race, and what happened to him was incredible

The mountain bike race took place in Tenerife, Spain. On the urban stage, with the arrival of a large civilian, one of the contestants had an accident while crossing a female path. The two protagonists of the accident were hospitalized, but the woman was in critical condition and in critical condition.

When one of the cyclists was about to cross it at full speed, the woman went in front of the finish line, the man could not avoid her and both had consequences.

The Emergency and Security Coordination Center said Ryder suffered a mild head injury He has also been admitted to the hospital Nustra Sinora de los Reyes, while the woman who hit her head on the asphalt is in critical condition.

The cyclist in the accident led the race As it passed through the crowded city area. The test set up a fence in that area, but the woman crossing the road did so using the presence of an advertising curve.

The organizers of the race, the Frontra City Council, have not yet explained the security failures and a report is expected soon.

This year’s trail covers an area of ​​88 kilometers, so cyclists can not only cross the city, but also experience the diversity of volcanic landscapes, Mar de los Calmas and vegetation while trekking. There was a 32km test for less experienced athletes.

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