May 31, 2023

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Venezuela: Expectations and Implications of Regional Elections | Voting ends for 23 governors

From Caracas

Another election is over in Venezuela. The system elects 23 governors, 335 mayors, 253 state legislators and 2,471 councilors regionally, mainly through two developments: the participation of almost all opposition parties and the absence of international surveillance. The European Union, the Carter Center, the United Nations, for example, Barlasur and the Latin American Council of Electoral Experts.

The vote in Caracas, the capital and center of political power, was marked by two elements of silence. On the one hand, it showed the general context of the current political conflict in the country and the progressive return of most forces to the electoral arena. “We have been able to guide our differences by voting and only then can we resolve them and resolve them,” said George Areza., Former President and current Minister of Industry and National Production.

“Let’s go out and vote. In the street struggles he left behind, the time has come for us to say goodbye to the bloody coup, to ask for sanctions, to tell the rest of the world to come and invade Venezuela. “We, the Venezuelans, have to solve our problems, we are going to solve our problems during the election process,” he said. Bernabé Gutiérrez, Accóin Democratica (AD), Opposition It is divided between his leadership and the leadership of Henry Ramos Allup, with controversy over the ownership of the party card.

Peace is placed on the table in the streets during election day, on the other hand, lThe possibility of a higher referendum, 30.7% of the electorate voted in the aftermath of what happened in the 2020 Assembly elections. Because the participating element is one of the central factors in daytime analysis Low turnout is a reaffirmation of a political situation marked by depreciation and depreciation And social exclusion from political representation, a higher turnout than 2020, on the contrary, would indicate a reversal of this trend.

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At the end of the afternoon of the match the U.S.A complaint led by Henrik Gabrielles Radonsky pointed out that “there is a serious abuse in almost the entire national territory.”He confirmed that despite the end of polling time, many polling stations were still open and voters were not queuing up to cast their ballots. “Change, that is, conditions of participation do not occur to those who want change, and the serious problem of non-participation is faced by the ruling party lords, namely Maduro and his party,” he said. , So, there would have been irregularities.

This complaint occurred within the framework of a conference with Some incidents, In the state of Julia on the border with Colombia, it is as if someone was killed by a gun. The truth is that in the edition of the “armed groups” produced by the opposition actors, the Minister of Internal Affairs Justice and Peace Remigio Cepalos denied that it was “a crime isolated from the electoral process”. Diostato Capello, vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), said for his part: “Violence perpetrated by security agencies.”

Until Monday, with the results of the referendum, different reports of missions and international oversight are expected to take place. The President in this regard Nicolas Maduro stressed the importance of having “election centers” in the country, Intellectual centers, Expert centers, From Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia.

In this context, he pointed out, “The task of the EU is to have one more oversight, to respect all supervisors, international comrades, the laws and constitution of Venezuela, and to respect the terms of the electoral authority that has called them. , To this day they have walked up to the mission, respecting the Constitution and the laws, I hope this will happen until then. Their term of office is over. Oversight, hopefully. It may have come with a statement already prepared with the intention of making the elections illegal.

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Elections will update the regional and national political power map, So far, it has been in the majority with 19 of the 23 governorates. It is expected that there will be announcements of suspended talks in Mexico after the election event, although Maduro confirmed on Sunday that they have been suspended because “there are no conditions” for the US to “punch back the dialogue” and that they have to respond to the kidnapping, which still needs to be established (Alex Chop, Colombian businessman and The Venezuelan ambassador was deported from Cape Verde to Miami), and if we believe the conditions are right, we will notify the country this way. “