March 26, 2023

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Vélez’s former vice president suffered a heart attack while arguing on a radio show

He was also the head of Carlos Menem’s guard. He died at Sandojanni, where he was shifted after suffering a cardiac episode.

Former Vice President Velez Sarsfield Guillermo Armentano He died after taking part in a radio audition in which he argued strongly about the club’s present. The man suffered a heart attack in the air and eventually collapsed. He was taken to hospital where he eventually died.

Armendano had four children – one of them a young man from Fortin- and during the “Vélez a fondo” show, broadcast by Frequency Zero and reflected in different social networks, he was seen with a good face and signs. What I was going through.

In the broadcast, he expressed his desire to resume political activities and become a presidential candidate in the next election. He was part of the Board of Directors as First Vice President from 1993-96 and served as Chief of Police to the then President for 10 years. Carlos Menem.

His last words on the air: “All I want is for us to come with Vélez.” After the closure, he collapsed and was shifted to Santojanni Hospital, where he died.

After hearing the news, Vélez released a statement in which he offered his condolences to the former director’s family, describing them as “passionate, dreamy, with a strong character but always at the forefront of conversation.”

“He is a fan of Fortin, who has always fought for the unity of the Tribune’s history, political groups, so that they can once again lead their club of love together”, they draw it in Welles.

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“He was one of those who gave shape to the great desire to have a stadium like the Olympic Village. He himself, along with other directors and family members, was responsible for planting the first trees that surround us today. Professional concentration”, the report states.