May 30, 2023

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US alert: Pilot threatens to crash plane into Walmart after flying over Tupelo, Mississippi

Pilot threatens to crash plane into Walmart after flying over Mississippi

US police evacuated several stores in Tupelo, Mississippi on Saturday after a pilot threatened to crash a plane into a Walmart..

Initial reports suggest that the pilot who piloted the small plane was 29 years old A Tupelo Regional Airport employee was flying in circles after picking up a plane in the terminal around 5:00 a.m. A little over an hour in the small town. If it’s still in the air it hasn’t changed yet.

A pilot flies over the Mississippi and threatens to crash a plane

Authorities immediately evacuated the area.They evacuated people and urged locals to leave the area.

According to various media reports, The Tupelo Police Department said they were in contact with the pilot and that he was threatening to crash the plane on purpose..

A pilot flies over Tupelo, Mississippi

In a brief statement they said: “At approximately 05:00 AM, TPD (Tupelo Police Department) was notified that the pilot of an aircraft was flying over Tupelo. The pilot called 911 (emergencies) and threatened to crash into a Walmart on West Main.”.

TPD has worked with Walmart to evacuate stores and disperse as many people as possible.. At this time, the situation is ongoing and all emergency services are available in our area warning“, he added.

Pilot Goes Around the City (Image via Vimana Aware)
Pilot Goes Around the City (Image via Vimana Aware)

At that time, the public is being asked to avoid the area, they said. Own the plane Southeast Aviation LLC And it is a Nine seats with two engines.

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Governor Tate Reeves “State police and emergency managers are closely monitoring this dangerous situation. All citizens should be aware and aware of updates from the Tupelo Police Department”.

Walmart confirmed they are aware of the incident and are working closely with law enforcement.
Walmart confirmed they are aware of the incident and are working closely with law enforcement.

For its part, a Walmart spokesperson said Daily Mail what”The store is now closed and evacuated“. And he added:We are working closely with local investigators and are referring questions to the police”.

A similar case

Surveillance video released last July shows the moment A Seattle airport employee committed suicide by hijacking an Alaska Airlines flight and intentionally crashing it on a remote island..

Seattle airport officials have released Security camera video It captured images inside the terminal and outside the runway, documenting the entire development of the incident in real time.

See pictures Richard Russell29, who worked in the department responsible for organizing passengers’ luggage at the airport and checking that they comply with all security protocols.

The timeline of the event on August 10, 2018 begins at 2:36 p.m., when Russell marked the start of his workday by wearing a black T-shirt with the words: “The Sky’s No Limit”It translates to “The sky is no limit”, printed on the back.

In the photographs he can be admired as he shows his card to the security officer. Then, he passes his backpack through the scanners and picks it up to begin his work. For more than five hours, he can be seen walking on the tarmac in the cargo area of ​​the airport. Using a tow vehicle to push the prop plane down one of the runways.

A man hijacks a plane with passengers and then crashes it

Air traffic control sensed something strange was happening and tried to contact the plane, but got no response. At the same time, Russell’s companions can be seen walking near the scene, but completely oblivious to what is about to happen.

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Russell suddenly opened the door to the plane’s cabin. Q400 Turboprop He himself was dragged to the runway and then entered the plane and closed the door.

Next, the 29-year-old prepared to take off, but not before he radioed the control tower: “Going Crazy”.

Once in the air, Russell can be seen in a ground-based video doing stunts with the plane over the airport. “Hey, I found myself in a bind. I’m in the air now. I fly around“, he said in a new radio communication.

In air traffic control recordings, Russell can be heard talking to controllers who tried to persuade him to land safely.

Amidst this situation, Russell joked with air traffic controllers. At one point, he asked air traffic controllers, “Hey, if I land this successfully, do you think Alaska will give me a job as a pilot?”

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