February 4, 2023

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UN describes migrant situation on border between Poland and Belarus | Poland violates international law by hot income instead of providing asylum

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, The migration crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus was described as unbearable And demanded immediate humanitarian access. Bachelet also condemned responses that focused on security and annoying speech that violated it Immigrants are camped with the intention of entering the Polish border And go to Western European countries.

Sending fences and troops

Visit More than 2,000 immigrants, mostly from Syria and Iraq, Was on the border with Belarus and Poland in recent days He faced severe rejection by Warsaw authorities. A Release, The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, called on “concerned states to take immediate action to end this intolerable situation in accordance with their obligations under international law, human rights, human rights and refugee rights.”

“The The answers have a strong focus on security and politics from both sides – Including Deploying large numbers of troops– And this Fiery rhetoric Along with them, they do nothing Increases the vulnerability and risks faced by immigrantss “, condemned the UN High Commissioner.

Hundreds of men, women and children should not be forced to spend another night in a cold climate without adequate shelter, food, water and medical care.He added in his speech that although the report did not explicitly mention the rejection of refugees on the Warsaw border, Bachelet stressed that no one can be prevented from seeking asylum and other international protection. “I urge the concerned authorities to take a central interest in the human rights of these individuals,” the High Commissioner said. Called on them for humanitarian assistance and the transport of civil society observers and journalists..

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On the contrary, The focus of the Polish far-right government is on the deployment of troops To prevent immigrants from entering EU territory. Polish President Andrzej Duda has confirmed that his country maintains 15,000 troops, including troops, police and border guards.. Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszcz promised that the number would increase if needed, confirming that 8,000 troops had been mobilized from the regional security forces this week.

Charges between Warsaw and Minsk

For all this, the European Union accuses Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of planning the arrival of immigrants to his country and sending them to the border point. According to EU leaders, this is in response to the sanctions imposed by the Black on Minsk for suppressing power in the 2020 presidential election.

When Belarus says it has no means or money to control the flow of migrants It also accuses Poland of “negligence” in obtaining immigrants and refugees. In this connection, Charles Michael, President of the Council of Europe, traveled to Warsaw to meet with Duda. Michael called Minskin’s migration crisis a “hybrid, brutal, violent and unworthy attack.”

For his part, the outgoing President of Germany, Angela Merkel spoke by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin and held talks with her ally Lukashenko.. According to his spokesman Stephen Seibert, the German president asked him to take action against the “instrumentation of immigrants by the regime in Belarus.” Most immigrants seek to move to Poland with the intention of reaching Germany or other Western European countries.

Moscow opposes blaming Belarus for the migration crisis. “The current crisis is rooted in Western intervention in the affairs of the Middle East and North Africa and the failure of US action in Afghanistan.”Russian diplomatic spokeswoman Maria Jazarova announced.

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Polish and anti-immigration policy

Meanwhile, thousands of migrants are facing extreme conditions, with temperatures dropping to 0 degrees at night and a massive stabilization of Polish security forces. The Polish press confirmed that at least 10 of the border settlers had died. The Belarusian border guard said four Kurdish settlers in the camp had been injured and that Polish security forces had accused them of violating them. “According to the refugees, they were detained in Polish territory, where they tried to ask for security and refugee status.”, They said in a statement.

Various human rights organizations have expressed concern over Warsaw’s anti-immigration policy, which has fenced off the border in recent months. In September, four migrants stranded on the Belarusian-Polish border died of hypothermia and exhaustion., As reported by the British newspaper Defender. This has been pointed out by Amnesty International and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Poland takes a stand against international law with hot income instead of providing asylum.

In this sense, the UNHCR High Commissioner Filippo Grande, Reaffirmed to the EU that the challenges of the European Convention on Migration “do not justify the visceral reactions we see in some areas, racist rhetoric, walls, barbed wire, violent pushbacks, and the beating of refugees.” The area described as “unacceptable” encourages the displacement of vulnerable people.