May 30, 2023

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UN condemns massacre of two Venezuelan teenagers in Colombia

UN and Colombian authorities are investigating the murder of two Venezuelan teenagers, aged 12 and 18, What were He was shot after being charged with theft A warehouse in a violent cocoa growing area in the northeast of the country, according to various sources revealed this Monday.

In videos and photos posted on social media, teenagers are seen with tension, lThe hands are tied forward Through duct tape, the person without the camera is accused of being “thieves”.

“Unfortunately they are very young boys and we don’t want to see them lying on the side of the road tomorrow,” the anonymous voice said.

The bodies of the teenagers were later found in the countryside, apparently shot and the hands still tied.

A handwritten card of “thieves” rested on the young man’s body, lying face down with a red bag.

Jaime Marty, an ombudsman from the Norde de Santander department where the killings took place, said the youths were caught stealing clothes in the city of Tibe on the Venezuelan border.

The merchants tied them up, but then “they were taken away by an illegal armed group (they were taken to an unidentified place and then they were found dead,” Marty told Blue Radio.

According to the guard, Young people fleeing the economic crisis in Venezuela are immigrants.

Police Colonel Carlos Martினnez has blamed former FARC (Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces) dissidents for withdrawing from the peace agreement signed in 2016 and vowing to investigate to clarify the crime.

The UN Office for Human Rights in Colombia has denied the murder of a 12-year-old girl and asked authorities to “investigate these events.”

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According to the UN, the troubled municipal municipality in Colombia, which cultivates 19,000 hectares of cocoa leaves, accumulates large quantities of medicinal crops.

Separatists from the former FARC guerrillas, the National Liberation Army (ELN) and insurgents Drug with paramilitary origin They discuss territory with blood and fire to control the cocoa trade.

NGOs such as International Human Rights Watch have condemned the arrival of thousands of Venezuelan immigrants in the region due to the tight control of crossing the border into the armed conflict in Colombia.