March 26, 2023

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Ukrainian Troops Accelerate Their Counteroffensive in the Face of Russian Defeats: What’s Next, Why It’s a Crucial Moment

Moscow.- Russian forces are in trouble in the northern part of the Kherson regionIn the south of the country, where The Ukrainian military has been waging a counteroffensive for weeks and has stepped it up in recent days in anticipation of sending security forces across the border. According to the reports of pro-Russian occupation officials and special bloggers following the movements on the ground.

Vladimir Zalto, the Russian-imposed governor of Kherson, agreed A “turnaround” by the Ukrainians, specifically referring to the loss of control of the city of TatsanyAlthough he said that Russian aviation intercepted Kiev troops, according to an interview published Monday on his Telegram channel. His deputy, Kirill Stremosov, took to social media on Tuesday to say that Ukrainian progress had stalled. No need to “panic”.

After “Partial Mobilization” of MoscowIt is expected to attract around 300,000 new players, Kyiv appears to be making major efforts to recapture much of the occupied territory before those reinforcements arrive.

By forcing the Russians out of almost the entire northeastern region of Kharkiv and now Lyman, The Ukrainian army is in a strong position to attack the Russians occupying the neighboring Luhansk regionIts boundary is less than 25 kilometers by road from Lyman.

As researchers note Ukraine’s success in severing Russian supply lines is key to its momentum. When Russia was pulled out of Kharkiv last month, it lost control of its rail hub in the city of Issyam, making it more difficult for Moscow to resupply its forces further south in the Donbass, leaving them vulnerable.

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Ukrainian soldiers met Hungry and poorly equipped Russian troopsSome with small arms to defend themselves.

“The offensive movement of our army and all defenders continues,” the president said. Volodymyr Zelensky In a bombshell speech last night, he insisted 450 residences were recaptured in Kharkiv. “There are new settlements that have been liberated in various regions.”

“Fierce fighting continues on many fronts,” the president added.

The Russian military will be faced with the decision to divert resources from other areas of the front to slow the Ukrainian advance or risk losing more ground in the Donbass. The closest Russian reinforcements are around the Ukrainian city of Bagmut, 40 kilometers southeast of Lyman. Group Wagner, an infamous paramilitary unit reporting directly to the Kremlin, attacked Ukrainian defenders there but failed to capture the city.

But the question remains How long will the Ukrainian momentum last?. In recent days, some Ukrainian soldiers have spoken in Kharkiv province Exhaustion after weeks of non-stop fighting.

said Ben Barry, a ground warfare expert at the Institute for International Strategic Studies in London The New York Times what Progress will probably reach a “tipping point”. It will be difficult to maintain the offense after that Troops must rotate and resupply.

Progress of Ukraine It does not reduce the risk to the public, fighting continued to produce casualties. According to Ukrainian authorities, a vehicle of refugees from Svato in Luhansk was attacked in recent days and 25 people, including 13 children, were killed. On Monday, Russian gunfire killed a doctor and wounded two nurses at a hospital in Kharkiv region’s Kubiansk district, according to the head of its military administration, Ole Tsinihubov.

Bodies of civilians killed by a missile strike lie on the ground near Zaporizhzia amid Russia’s aggression against Ukraine on September 30, 2022.Katerina Klochko—AFP

In addition, as Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday, Kyiv must seize the momentum More than 200,000 people have already been drafted into the Russian Armed Forces President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization two weeks ago, and they will soon be moved to the front lines.

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The minister had announced It plans to recruit 300,000 men with previous military experience It has suffered a series of setbacks in recent weeks, fueling Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

However, the official mandate does not include a figure, and officials are keen to allay public fears that the actual number may be higher. Pro-Kremlin figures have raised concerns that they are being recruited indiscriminately.

Reports have emerged of men with no military experience or past draft age receiving citations, adding to the furor that has reignited already banned anti-war demonstrations.

Cars line up to cross the border from Russia to Finland at the Valima detention center in Virolati, Finland, Friday, September 23, 2022.
Cars line up to cross the border from Russia to Finland at the Valima detention center in Virolati, Finland, Friday, September 23, 2022.

Tens of thousands of men tried to avoid the draft Ya Han He fled abroad And public opinion is concerned about the potential for mobilization to expand.

Putin last week acknowledged mistakes in the mobilization and said they must be corrected.

Shoigu also said Tuesday Volunteers should not return to combat without “compelling reason”.

In consultation with other senior army officers, he announced the new units 80 boot camps and six training centers were trainedAccording to a Defense Ministry post on Telegram.

Putin was preparing to formalize the annexation of four Ukrainian regions to Russia on Tuesday, although Moscow does not fully control any of them. Ukraine and its Western allies have refused to recognize the annexations, saying they are illegal.

Agencies AFP, The New York Times and Reuters


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