March 22, 2023

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Trade unionist K Victor Santa Maria flew to Qatar to watch the World Cup, defying the government’s request.

He was spotted in Doha with fans of the Argentina national team. A request was made from the Casa Rosada that no one from the Frente de Todos should travel to the World Cup.

Victor Santa Maria, Ultra K trade unionist, Goalkeepers Association Criterion, He attended the Argentina flag raised by around 2,000 fans in Doha this Monday. It was the day before At the start of the national team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, it was announced Clarion PPT journalist Manu Jow, who was there, managed to record the exact moment the trade unionist participated in the celebrations in Qatar.

Thus he violated an unwritten rule, a request from the Casa Rosada: That no sign of the Frente de Todos was going to see the trophy At a time when the economic crisis keeps nearly half the country below the poverty line. Last week, the economy minister’s son, Sergio Massa, had to return from Qatar due to rejection from his trip to cover a competition for a private company linked to AFA.

Santa María is the head of a unique union of workers of rent and horizontal buildings (Suderh) and one of the most influential figures of Peronism in the city of Buenos Aires. For some time now, it has also included space in the media conglomerate. “Grupo Octubre”, his holding company, started with the magazine Caras y Caretas, became the owner of the newspaper Página/12, acquired 90% of Canal 9 and FM Aspen, and launched the news channel IP (Información Periodística). Recently joined the advertising industry.

Victor Santa Maria in Argentina flag, Doha, Qatar, the day before the national team’s first match. Photo by Manu Jove.
Banner of Argentina fans in Qatar.  EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni
Banner of Argentina fans in Qatar. EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni
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He is close to many government terminals. He has come to Alberto Fernandez and regularly appears in the first sequences of acts performed by Christina Kirchner.. Close ties to the president were born out of years of militancy in Buenos Aires Peronism. Once Cristina Kirchner appointed him head of the formula to face Mauricio Macri in 2019, the unionist became an inspirational organization of her campaign.

The union leader was spotted strolling along Doha’s Corniche During a meeting of Argentina fans at the flag made the day before Lionel Messi’s debut And the team against Saudi Arabia. Santa Maria was seen by journalist Manu Jove of Jorge Lanata’s TV show who took photographs illustrating this note. He was wearing a green shirt and light blue hat and was accompanied by his family and friends.

A historian from the newspaper La Nazion also tried to see Santa Maria and talk to her, butThe unionist apologized and declined to comment Because he was “with the family”.

However, PPT journalist, Manu Jove, pointed out Clarion Who could see what Santa Maria had “Typical fan credentials, Not recognized in any way“. And he said: “There were almost two thousand people at the flag on the World Cup countdown clock.”

Besides trade unionist and journalist Santa María, Carlos Pascual, aka El Tula, also known as “The Man in the Wheelchair,” took part in the banner carrying a bass drum given to him by Juan Domingo Perón when he was exiled to Spain in 1971. . Apart from Carlos Masladon, Sebastian Weinreich and Diego ‘El Beque’ Schwartzman”, said Manu Jove. Clarion.

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Other pointers to Qatar

Santa Maria wasn’t the first reference for the Frente de Todos to Qatar. Beyond Tomás Massa’s brief stint, Salta Senator Sergio “Oso” Leavy requested unpaid leave to travel to Argentina and support.

His visit caused difficulty in a very sensitive detail in the ruling party: it affected the possibility of Kirchnerism gathering a quorum to meet in the upper house.

This fact caused an internal uproar, as few knew that the Vice President had a non-organic senator. He asked for 11 days to go to QatarR. As if to mitigate the criticism, this Thursday, Levy issued a memo to the Secretary of Parliament, Marcelo Fuentes, to “reject the enjoyment of food” during his days off.

They tried to justify it in front of this newspaper from their context As the regular term of Congress ends on November 30, Levy had everything arranged for December. He did not expect that President Alberto Fernandez was going to extend the regular sessions until December 30.

On the other hand, as one for change they focus on the moment of crisis with photographs of traveling notes. Mauricio Macri arrived in Doha this weekBut not as a tourist, but as part of his official activities as president of the FIFA Foundation.

There he will be responsible for welcoming international delegations of politicians and businessmen and accompanying FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

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