May 30, 2023

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Today’s Epimeris: What Happened on October 29 | Events in Argentina and around the world

In Epimeris of October 29th These events, which took place on a day like today in Argentina and around the world, stand out:

1787. The first scene Don Giovanni By Mozart in Prague. Controversy with the Viennese aristocracy for the mockery of the upper class Figaro’s marriage A year ago, the opera was not screened in Austria. Besides Lorenzo da Ponte, there was another libertarian who was a friend of the former priest, and was based near Prague on the premiere date: Giacomo Casanova. In Liberty history, Mozart went further than he went inside WeddingsTwo years before the French Revolution he staged Don Giovanni and his staff: “Long live freedom!”

1863. Henry Dunant founded the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, which aims to help victims of war. The Red Cross was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1917, 1944 and 1963. Prior to that, Dunant won the first edition of the award in 1901.

1920. In Puerto Ticado Hilda Bernard. Has more than seven decades of experience in radio, film, drama and television. He participated in numerous productions, but was integrated with his roles in youth bands as well Siquiditas, Rebel Way And Floricenta. The time is near He caught the corona virus and was able to recover.

1930. Was born Omara Portuondo Placeholder Image In Habana. The Cuban singer is one of the best representatives of Caribbean music. Along with other island artists in the documentary he became world famous Funa Vista Community ClubReleased in 1999, by Wim Venders.

[1945[1945 Conference Jean-Paul Sartre In Paris. The presentation is entitled “Existentialism as a Humanity”. This is the starting point of one of the most influential philosophical currents of the 20th century.

1965. Was born Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. Nephew of the Attorney General of the country of the same name who signed the agreement that legalized the first coup by the Supreme Court in 1930. He studied economics and entered public service. He was PJ’s representative in the PAMI-led trio at the beginning of the coalition government. He went on to study in the political army of Mauricio Macri and was his deputy in the city in 2003. When the president of Boga finally came to rule the district, in 2007, he was appointed head of his cabinet and went with him. That position is up until 2015. That year he defeated Gabriela Michetti in an internship, then she defeated Martin Lustio In a tight ballot. Four years later He was re-elected in the first round, Something that has not happened so far since the city gained autonomy.

1981. Georges Presence died on the outskirts of Montpellier. The French singer-songwriter turned 60 a week ago. As the heir to the ministerial tradition, Prosence is one of the most important representatives of popular music. His songs were in Spanish with editions by Paco Ibanes and Jorge Shosheim.

2012. At age 85, the symbol of state terrorism dies: General Albano Harkuindequi. He was interior minister between 1976 and 1981 during the Videla dictatorship. The 1989 amnesty ordered by Carlos Menem benefited him while he was in custody for kidnapping businessmen Federico and Miguel Guidem in 1977. The amnesty was revoked in 2007 and he was re-tried and remanded in custody for various reasons, the circumstances of which were at the time of his death.

In addition, World Psoriasis Day is observed to raise awareness about the disease.

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