March 22, 2023

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Today’s Ephemeris: Happened on November 14 | Events in Argentina and around the world

In Ephemeris of November 14 These events that happened on a day like today in Argentina and around the world stand out:

1908. Nese Joseph McCarthy

Born in Wisconsin Joseph McCarthy, a Republican senator from 1947 until his death in 1957. He was the figurehead of the witch hunt after World War II, when anti-Communist fever began, and the most visible face of the infamous group for un-American activities. , whereby hundreds of people were harassed for ideological reasons and their denunciation was urged under the threat of losing their passports. The interrogations effectively abrogated the right to exercise the Fifth Amendment, which protects due process guarantees and prevents a person from self-incrimination. Insulted by his methods, the senator coined a word to define ideological harassment: McCarthyism.

1909. Radovitzky Ramon L. He killed the Falcon

Produce Simon Radowitzki’s attack against Ramon Falcon. The young Ukrainian anarchist was 19 years old and threw a bomb at the carriage carrying the head of the federal police at the corner of Kalaw and Quintana. The bomb killed Falcon and his secretary, Juan Larticao. The federals attacked the anarchists on May 1 in response to a police crackdown known as Red Week. Radovitzky was captured and tortured. He never disclosed who helped the attack. They sent him to Ushuaia prison, where he escaped and was later captured. Hippolyto Yiricoen pardoned him and expelled him from the country. He fought in the Spanish Civil War and died in Mexico in 1956.

1919. Nays John William Cook

Born in La Plata John William Cook. Qualified as a lawyer, he approached Peronism and was elected national vice-president. After Perón’s downfall, he became his representative and acted in an escape from Rio Gallegos prison with Hector Campora and Jorge Antonio. He was in charge of negotiating a deal with Rogelio Frigerio to allow the banned Peronists to vote for Arturo Frantizzi. Later, he led Peronism closer to the Cuban Revolution. Teacher Notes for Membership Y Peronism and RevolutionDied in 1968.

1946. Manuel de Falla dies

Spanish composer Manuel de Falla dies in Alta Gracia, Cordovan. He was nine days short of his 70th birthday. He was exiled after Franco’s victory in the Civil War. His remains were taken to his hometown of Cádiz. He left such jobs Love Magician (Ballet including the famous “ritual fire dance”), Triangular hat, Nights in the Gardens of Spain and the Harpsichord Concerto.

1993. The Olivos Agreement

Carlos Menem and Raul Alphonsin agree on reform of the national constitution. The Olivos agreement ended months of tensions, and Menem launched a drive to reform the Magna Carta, even without agreement with the opposition, for the sole purpose of enabling his 1995 re-election. The radical leader of the opposition agrees. Cast his party’s votes in Congress for reform. In return, direct election of senators is negotiated, with a six-year mandate instead of nine; Third Minority Senator; Autonomy of the City of Buenos Aires; Creation of Judicial Council; the birth of the figure of the chief of staff; and incorporation of international agreements.

2010. Vettel crowned in Formula 1

23 years, 4 months and 11 days, German Sebastian Vettel He became the youngest world champion in Formula 1 history. The Red Bull driver won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and held off the Ferrari of Spanish Fernando Alonso. It was his first of four consecutive world titles with the Austrian team.

2014. Tulio Halperin Donkey dies

Historian Donkey by Tulio Halperin Died in Berkeley, CaliforniaAt the age of 88. One of the most important in Argentina, dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts at the University of Rosario, who resigned in 1966 after Night of the Long Cannes. He worked at Harvard and Berkeley universities. Among his most important works are: Revolution and war, Argentina is a nation of deserts Y The long agony of Peronist Argentina.

2017. The Fall of Mugabe

A military uprising that ends Robert Mugabe’s rule begins Zimbabwe. The president deposes the vice president and replaces him with his own wife, and the military warns that he will not tolerate her replacement. The army arrested the presidential couple Mugabe93, was dismissed. He was Prime Minister from 1980 to 1987, and after independence, the former Rhodesia (a racist country like apartheid South Africa) became Zimbabwe; And he remained president for the next thirty years. He died in exile in Singapore in 2019.

2020. Pumas beat the All Blacks

The Pumas made history by beating the All Blacks for the first time. They won 25 to 15 in Sydney within the framework of the tri-nation tournament. 30 losses have passed since a 21-21 draw on Ferro’s court in 1985. Nicolas Sanchez scored all the points. Two weeks later, the victory was marred by a tribute to Diego Maradona (a small black piece), contrasting with the haka New Zealanders pay to the deceased footballer. In that rematch, the All Blacks humiliated the Pumas 38–0On top of that they are involved in corruption The origin of the three players’ racist and communal tweets.

Also, this World Diabetes Day.

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