March 26, 2023

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Throughout the season, Uruguay recorded one day of COVID-19 infections

A total of 425,436 cases have been filed in Uruguay since March 13, 2020 (REUTERS / Mariana Greif)

Uruguay breaks record of daily infections, recording 5,330 positive this Wednesday, Which surpassed the 4,604 found when the South American nation reached the peak of the first wave last May.

Of the 23,550 analyzes carried out, according to the Daily Report of the National Emergency Management Agency (CINE) 5,330 people were positive on the day of one death.

A total of 425,436 cases have been filed in Uruguay Since March 13, 2020, a health emergency has been declared as the first four infections have been detected by the corona virus SARS-CoV-2.

On the whole, 17,854 people are affected by the disease, 27 of whom are in intensive care centers. (CDI).

There was a death on this day, so The total death toll from Govt-19 has risen to 6,181.

Map showing the infection curve in Uruguay.
Map showing the infection curve in Uruguay.

Of the 5,330 new cases, Dr. Julio Medina, head of infectious diseases at the University of the Republic, warned that the epidemic curve was steep in Uruguay and pointed out that health centers receive dozens of consultations.

If it looks like Govt., It’s Govt. If it’s not like Govt (for your understanding), it might be Govid tooMedina wrote on her Twitter account.

Those who work in health receive dozens of inquiries throughout the day – of course, the numbers do not catch our attention.

On December 29, Uruguay has confirmed the arrival of the omigran variant of Covid-19 due to the increase in cases in recent weeks, which has led scientists in the country to suspect that it has already entered and that the genetic sequence has led to its discovery.

People come to do PCR testing in Punta del Este
People come to do PCR testing in Punta del Este

The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas, explained that at the time, health officials expected a “similar behavior” to exist in the world, viz. A “very strong” increase, even if the vaccine has specific characteristics.

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“Medical behavior is slightly different. It has a shorter incubation and infection period and, in turn, In all cases where the third dose is present with fewer clinical manifestations than previous variants”, He highlighted.

On November 1st, Uruguay has opened its borders to anyone who has completed the vaccination process (14 days have passed since the last required dose of vaccine).

What else, The country has eliminated the obligation for tourists to undergo PCR testing to detect the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus.

As for the vaccine, 2,676,744 people (up to 18.25 GMT) this Tuesday, according to a web monitor developed by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP).75.55% of the population) completed the immunization schedule from Chinese pharmaceutical companies Sinovac, Anglo-Swedish Astrogenic and American Pfizer.

What else, Only the first dose was given to 93,567 people and 1,544,485 people received the third dose.

“Patients and in-patients soon began to decline when 40% of the two-dose vaccine was exceeded” (EFE / Raúl Martínez)

Despite a significant increase in cases of SARS-CoV-2 corona virus in Uruguay in recent days, The curve for admission in intensive care centers was “flat”.

This was reported to the agency EFE President of the Uruguayan Society of Intensive Medicine (SUMI) Julio Bondet highlighted the importance of the vaccine against the aforementioned disease.

When the vaccine exceeded 40% with two doses, there was a rapid decline in the number of patients and bed rest.“, he said.

“For five months we have maintained 10 to 25 cases. We are talking about absolute values ​​across the country. The percentage of aggression due to covit, which is 3% of the occupancy of beds,” he said.

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Accordingly, the SUMI President added From a caring point of view the situation is “close to normal”, He noted that by 2021, when COVID-19 patients occupy more than 550 beds at a time, physicians will suffer from the weight of wear and tear.

Ponted mentioned it The difference before and after the vaccine “speaks for itself” and the countries most protected against the Omigran variant in the world, the countries with the largest populations vaccinated by three doses, “do not coincide” with him.

(With information from EFE)

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