March 22, 2023

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Three were arrested for awarding master’s degree without homologation

29/09/2022 – 19:07 Police

employees Department of Economic CrimesThe General Intelligence Directorate conducted three raids in different buildings in the capital, around a motive to investigate a group. Bachelor’s degree without accreditation Reporter. There are three prisoners.

Prosecutor Belkis Alderet, who is leading the investigation of the case named as a crime of harming tertiary vocational students, through the information gathered, uniformed officers identified the person responsible for seizing the students, who promised to obtain degrees. Enrollment and payment of monthly fees of higher education and undergraduate teachers were requested.

So, on this Thursday, law enforcement officials conducted three Tests, the first of the apartments located on Libertad Street, the second on Ing Street. of Santo Domingo Argentine military neighborhood And the rest of Sáenz Peña Street proceeded to arrest three people involved in the event, a woman and two men of legal age, who will be part of an educational service.

During house raids, case-related documents including minute book, account records, receipts, certificates and proof of studies, files and theses, cell phones, computers of students involved in various professions provided by the team were seized. and seals.

According to reports, the race course is scheduled to begin in early 2018, and they will eventually graduate with their degrees Undergraduate educationThe students were taken aback when the merit board officials informed them that it was not valid as it was not recognized by any intermediate university as it included a final work.

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