May 26, 2022

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They ransacked the home of Sergio Lபெbez, who was on holiday in Mexico

Journalist and TV presenter Sergio Lபெbez He fell victim this Saturday to insecurity in the suburbs of Buenos Aires after criminals looted his home in Lomas de Zamora.

However, the driver TN Y eltrecHey his family heard the news from a distance. At the moment, he is on vacation in Mexico with his wife Sylvia (known as “Pochi”), while his children Michela and Elvis are not at home.

They ransacked the home of Sergio Lபெbez, who was on holiday in Mexico.Dadio Jones

According to the TN channel, the robbery took place on Friday night and early Saturday morning and a neighbor who saw the gate of the open house was alerted to the situation.

As it happenedThe criminals entered the house They broke a fence and checked all the rooms once inside. The CPU of valuables and security cameras would have been taken, so there was no recording of the event.

Lapegüe has been spending his holidays on Mexican beaches since early January. Currently, he is resting with Pochi in Playa del Carmen. Prior to the announcement, he was active on his social media network this Saturday, sharing his activities in the Caribbean with his followers.

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