May 30, 2023

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They raided the homes of eight Bolsonaro businessmen who shared news of the coup in Brazil | Supreme Court Justice Alexander de Moraes ordered the investigation based on the press report

The Brazilian Federal Police Completed on Tuesday Warrants to search and seize potential evidence In residences Eight businessmen allied with the President Jair Bolsonaro Accused of distribution Coup News In social networks. Inquiries were ordered Alexandre de MoraesThe Magistrate of the Supreme Court, which accepted the process, opened it last week after the Brazilian press published the news of businessmen. They defend a coup if the former president wins Luis Inacio Lula da Silva In the election on October 2.

“Business and Politics”

One of the targets of the Supreme Court-ordered action Luciano HangHang, a far-right businessman who owns Havan stores and is famous for having a Statue of Liberty on his doorstep, and who has supported Bolsonaro by campaigning since 2018, said in a statement that his cellphone had been confiscated by federal police.

“I’d rather have a plot than return to PT”Carioca said Jose Koori, owner of the Barra World shopping mall, on a WhatsApp group of businessmen concerned with Bolsonaro’s re-election. As revealed by the Metropolis portal, the news was celebrated and supported by members of the group “Businessmen and Politics”.

The press release also mentions the owner of international surf apparel company Mormai, Marco Aurelius “Morongo” Raymundo. One of the most active and active members of the group, the businessman wrote in that private chat: “7th September (Brazilian Independence Day) is organized to unite the people and the army At the same time make it clear whose side the army is on.”

For your part Andre DeSotThe owner of Sierra Movies, which specializes in selling luxury furniture in Rio Grande do Sul, said: “The regime change must have happened in the first days of the regime. In 2019, we will have ten more years,” said some businessmen “Give cash bonuses or nice gifts to all employees of our companies” who vote for Bolsonaro, warned that it is necessary to study if it is not banned. “I think it would be vote buying… complicated,” Raymundo responded in another message.

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Another recurring theme is the attack on the electoral system. Like President Jair Bolsonaro, the businessmen assert that Brazil has no electoral guarantees, although they provide no evidence in this regard. Mayor NigriHe is the founder of Technisa and one of Bolsonaro’s closest businessmen The Federal Supreme Court (STF) is “responsible for the civil war in Brazil.”

After the chats were leaked, Senator Randolfe Rodrigues denounced threats of a coup in court if ex-president Lula, who leads all polls, finally wins the election. Present Chairman of STF Alexandre de MoraesMerchants call him the “skinhead” of the First Capital Command crime group. Bolsonaro is being investigated for spreading fake news Attacks on democracy by questioning the functioning of electronic voting machines and the electoral system.

In addition to raids, Supreme Court orders seizure of bank accounts and social media accounts of businessmen under investigation. It decided to declassify their bank accounts and summon them to testify by the Central Police. Police operations were carried out in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Ceará.

Freedom of expression

After the controversy erupted, the merchants admitted to being part of the chat but denied defending any unconstitutional act and invoked their right to freedom of expression. “We are neither conspirators nor conspirators. Messages received in a private group of friends were distorted in their meaning and context,” he said. fumes It is a statement.

The action was the result of “defamatory and false allegationsThere is no basis,” declared lawyer Daniel Miah, defending Afranio Barrera, owner of the Grupo Coco Bambu chain of restaurants. They complete the list of entrepreneurs questioned by Builder Ivan Wrobel Y Joseph Isaac PerezFrom Multiplan Shopping Center Network.

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The move against Bolsonaro’s allies comes after the far-right leader made firm statements questioning the transparency of Brazil’s electronic voting system. When he was interviewed by TV Globo’s Journal National, the country’s most-watched news program with a following of nine million people, Bolsonaro fed the hypothesis that he was following his ally, Donald Trump Ignore the election result if Lula wins.

Brazil’s president was reluctant to commit to recognizing the result if he lost the election, warning on Monday night that the result would be respected “as long as the polls are clean and transparent”. The television interview was received in several cities with opposition to Casarolazos.