May 31, 2023

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They ousted an elected senator from the Italian parliament in Argentina and accused him of defamation fraud.

Senator of MAIE Adriano Cario

The Italian Senate this Thursday approved the fall of Adriano Carrio, Elected senator in the constituency Latin America Accused Fraud charge And Fake signatures In the 2018 general election.

The upper house of the Italian parliament decided not to validate the election, with 132 votes in favor, 126 against and 6 abstentions. South American Union of Italian Immigrants (USEI) and is now a member Associative movement Italians abroad (MAIE).

Darling will be replaced Fabio Porta, Chairman Democratic Party In Latin America, condemned for three years “The biggest election fraud in the history of the Republic” Italian.

The Senate decision came after an inquiry by the Rome Attorney’s Office Irregularities in postal voting in the South American constituency in the 2018 political elections: Since the ballots for Cario were written with one hand, the signature skills found that many ballots were irregular. I.e., Only a few would have cast the same vote multiple times.

Professionally, entrepreneur and journalist Cario, 49, was director until 2018 Environment of Italy, A newspaper founded in the sixties by his father Caitano and the head of Centro Calabres in Buenos Aires. Born in Uruguay but living in Argentina, Has no political experience prior to running in the 2018 election. Even so, he ended up being the second candidate with the most votes. Ricardo Merlo, Leader of the Italian Movement Abroad (MAIE).

With Merlo, Mario Borges (May) Y Eugenio Sangricorio (USEI), Carlow is one of the four delegates to the Italian Parliament for South America. In all, 18 members of parliament were elected abroad, including representatives and senators.

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The fraud allegations against Cario were unleashed just weeks after the March 2018 general election. On April 16, 2018 Fabio Porta, A former Italian-Brazilian senator from the Democratic Party who was defeated by Cario, complained to the Senate Election Board. 9,790 votes were cast in favor of USEI. If those votes had been canceled, he would have been the second-most preferred candidate, so he was elected to replace Carlo, Porto said. Borda filed a complaint with the Rome Attorney’s Office. In Buenos Aires it particularly challenged the votes coming from 8 of the 32 constituencies for the Italian vote..

Former Democrat Senator Fabio Porta
Former Democrat Senator Fabio Porta

In the 2018 election Cario received a total of 24,742 likes, From which 21,972 in Argentina alone, And Port, 20,784.

In the samples examined by the prosecution, it was found Cario had 96% options, Compared to an average of 23% in other segments of Buenos Aires. Based on that, The attorney general’s office estimates that Cario’s vote count is “statistically different.” It is estimated that there are a total of 2,140 fake ballots. According to Bordeaux, the disorder, It would be even clearer if we consider that Carlo was not even the USEI leader in that constituency.

Before the final vote, Cario defended himself in front of the entire Senate.

“I do not think I can declare my decline to the percentage of votes that would be considered controversial. Admitting that there are invalid votes, there is still a difference in my favor in the thousands of votes. To order my decline, all ballots must be reconsidered,” he said.

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Cario ended his defense with tears in his eyes: “My civil interest came from my father, the first newspaper editor in South America”, He said while referring Guidano Cario, immigrant between the 60s and 70s, is the editor of several newspapers for the Italian community distributed in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

The Senate reverses an earlier decision by the Elections Board to approve Cario’s election on November 16. That referendum caused tension between the two Democratic Party And this Five star motion (M5S), The party of the former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, Who voted for the senator. According to the Italian media, the M5S’s positive vote was linked to Cario’s promise to support Conte in early 2021, when the then prime minister struggled to retain his post. Conte finally resigned on January 26, paving the way for government Mario Tracy.

In Italy, The Cario case has resumed debate over the vote of Italians living abroad. Critics point to the postal system, especially with the 2001 vote, as it has received dozens of reports of fraud, fraudulent ballots and counting problems.

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