March 22, 2023

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They offered to study for degrees and teaching jobs, but the degrees were not recognized

30/09/2022 – 01:26 Police

At least three raids were carried out yesterday in different buildings in the capital, around a pretext of investigating a group that had issued a bachelor’s degree but found they did not have the corresponding homologation.

At least three people were arrested and they have not ruled out further action.

According to police and judicial sources, the Prosecutor Belkis Alteret
Directed the investigation into the framework of the case named “Crime established to cause harm to students engaged in tertiary activities”.

Through the information gathered, the uniformed officers identified the person responsible for nabbing the students, who promised to get them. Degrees in Higher Education Teaching and Undergraduate Education,
They also demanded registration and payment of monthly fees.

Yesterday, police officers carried out three raids: the first in an apartment located on Libertad Street, and the second in the neighborhood of the Argentine Army in Eng. On Santo Domingo Street, and the rest on Sans Pena Street, they arrested three people involved. Manipulation.

A woman and two men of legal age will be accused of organizing and making a living by organizing an association that claims to have contracts with universities and tertiary institutions. During house raids, case-related documents including minute book, account records, receipts, certificates and proof of studies, files and theses, cell phones, computers of students involved in various professions provided by the team were seized. and seals.


According to reports, vocational courses will be scheduled at the beginning of the 2018 academic year, at the end of which they will receive a bachelor’s degree, and the final work will include; The students were taken by surprise when the merit board officials informed them that it was invalid as it had not received permission from any university. As a result, several victims filed complaints, leading to a financial investigation that yesterday was crowned with raids and arrests of alleged ideologues.

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