May 31, 2023

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They found the tomb of the head of the royal treasury in Egypt under the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II.


2 November 2021 13:12 GMT

In addition to managing the baronic treasuries, he also served as royal secretary, chief overseer of cattle, and in charge of religious services at the temple dedicated to the Pharaoh in the Thieves.

Researchers at the University of Cairo have unearthed the tomb of Ramses II, the third pharaoh of the 19th dynasty, who ruled between 1279 and 1279 in the Sakara Negropolis, 30 kilometers south of the Egyptian capital. 1213 BC C. and is considered one of the most important leaders of ancient Egypt.

From Agreement Officials at the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Archeology found a series of murals and hieroglyphic inscriptions identifying the buried person during excavations at the ancient funeral site where the entrance was discovered in the late 1850s. Ptah-em-Uya served as head of the state treasury, royal secretary, chief overseer of cattle, and in charge of religious services at the temple dedicated to Ramses II in Thebes.

For his part, Ola L. Azeci, head of archeology, pointed out that the tomb belonged to an architectural style known as the temple-tomb. As he explained, hieroglyphic stellas depicting the life of Ptah-M-Wia were found at the entrance of the enclosure, while a series of murals depicting the procession to offer divinity were found at the entrance of a room. Offerings, mainly of animals, as well as their ritual sacrifices.

Similarly, in one yard numerous Osiris columns were found, some of which are on the ground, while others still stand in their original place. In addition, several building blocks were discovered.

“This tomb will be a detailed and careful study to learn about the scenes of economic life during the reign of Ramses II regarding grain storage, drought, floods and taxes,” said Mustafa Waziri, general secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. .

Since the Negropolis’ search for Coptic monasteries resumed in the 1970s, archaeological excavations in the Sakara area have uncovered the tombs of other important ancient Egyptian political figures. Mass, the ambassador abroad, is the ambassador of Bashir or military commanders Yurki and Hor Moheb, so academics hope the site’s explorations will continue.

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