March 26, 2023

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They found a camera in the ocean and a file left them speechless: “There was something else.”

A discovery has caused bitter feelings among the virtual community. Two people wanted to capture an unforgettable moment through the lens of a camera, but An event destroyed their goal. When did all this happen? Mario’s father found this type of device in the ocean off Patre Island, Texas. The visions inside her left them both speechless.

Lord intended to sell a Go Pro type camera, but before that, he and his son decided to see if there were any files on it. The electronic device no longer worked because it was damaged from the water, but its memory was still intact, allowing him to explore its contents without imagining that he was witnessing a love story.

I had very interesting videos of a couple on their vacation”, narrated the voiceover of the clip posted by TikTok (@mariovaldesph), the bride and groom were also seen on a kayak ride in the pictures. Suddenly, a clip appeared in which the young man got down on his knees in front of his girlfriend asking her to marry him.

A camera was found on the beach and the contents stunned him

Amidst the trees, the beautiful landscape and the seemingly cool weather, This man wanted to seal his love and took out the ring to put on his girlfriend’s ring finger. His answer was an emphatic yes, and they touched and hugged all the users who played the video, forgetting for a moment that the record belonged to those who didn’t know where that memory was.

Most users The couple in the post lamented the loss of photographic evidence of such an important day for them, so they worked their magic and started sharing the video everywhere. Mario asked the virtual community for help in finding them, as his mission was to have someone identify them and tell them where his camera was.

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So far, the video has amassed more than four million views and thousands of comments from people trying to get it into the right hands, but The task is not yet achieved. Lovers will have to wait a little longer for social networks to refresh their memory.

A camera is found on the beach and the contents startle him, part 2

To continue the story, The same TikToker shared a second video in which he observed how the couple lost their camera in the middle of the sea., while paddling through the waves on a board. Apparently, none of them noticed the fall. “You see it didn’t fall very deep, they couldn’t save it after a while?”, “We already know what happens to things that fall into the sea, we can’t find them again”, “How and they argued about losing the camera, and they broke the promise. ”, are some of the comments and speculations left by some.