May 31, 2023

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They entered a dental office to rob and were arrested by a patient who was an Army police officer

The military policeman was then given professional treatment. He obeyed and threw himself to the ground, but there he drew his weapon and used the opportunity to reduce the criminals.

Today 17:47

Two robbers who entered a dental clinic in Brazil with a knife to rob a patient found a patient armed with a gun that was able to repel the attack. The incident took place this morning in Silandia, part of the state of the federal district in Brazil.

In the videos aired on social networks, you can see two men posing as patients enter the office and settle into the waiting room. Suddenly, the suspected criminals get up and each takes out a large knife. Next, one of them goes to the office room and the other closes the company door.

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In another post, it appears that a person is being treated by a dentist who pauses the session as soon as he sees one of the armed individuals entering. Once he realizes what happened, the patient decides to follow the attacker’s command, leaves the dentist’s chair where he was lying, and throws himself to the ground. But when one of the robbers walks in to check it out, the man fights with him, pulls out a pistol and, in a few seconds, suppresses him.

At that point, the occupants leave the office room, including the other thief, who immediately returns, he assists his partner, but has the same fate, and ends up on the floor after being shot in the patient’s shoulder. Be a military cop.

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One of the perpetrators was reported to have been arrested immediately, while the man who was hit in the shoulder was transferred to the regional hospital in Selandia.