May 31, 2023

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They claim Russia has mobilized a nuclear submarine carrying a “weapon of the apocalypse”.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) sent an intelligence memo to its member states warning that Russia had mobilized the nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod, a carrier of the Poseidon nuclear missile. Also known as the “Weapon of the Apocalypse,” as an Italian newspaper reported this Sunday Republic. According to various unofficial sources, the submarine may have sunk in Arctic waters after possible involvement in the sabotage of Nord Stream gas pipelines. It contains a nuclear warhead that travels 10,000 kilometers underwater and detonates close to shore, triggering a radioactive tsunami.

That’s what the same Italian media say NATO fears the mission is to test the Poseidon supertorpedo, a missile capable of traveling 10,000 kilometers underwater and then detonating near the coast, causing a radioactive tsunami.. The nuclear torpedo was offered by Russia in 2018 as a means of guaranteeing Russian military supremacy.

The Russian Belgorod nuclear submarine is capable of destroying coastal cities in seconds

The wave could destroy cities like New York or Los Angeles Experts explain that the same effect can be achieved with intercontinental ballistic missiles that have been around since the 1960s. For defense, the US has deployed a network of satellites that monitor the heat waves emitted by missiles when they are fired. A tragedy. However, these are not effective under the sea.

Belgorod is 184 meters long and 15 meters wide and can travel underwater at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour.. It is estimated that it can go up to 120 days without returning to the surface.

Its arsenal includes the Poseidon super torpedo, a 24-meter projectile capable of carrying about two megatons of nuclear warhead. “This is an entirely new type of weapon that will force Western navies to change their planning and develop new countermeasures,” said expert HI Sutton. Republic.

Operating a nuclear powered submarine, Doubts were raised about a possible link to the news that the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline had stopped releasing gasIt was reported by Danish authorities on Sunday, a day after the leaks Nord Stream 2. Nord Stream AG told the Danish Energy Agency that the pressure on Nord Stream 1 has apparently been confirmed.

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Nord Stream AG told the Danish Energy Agency that pressure appears to have stabilized in two Nord Stream 1 pipelines, which appears to have stopped gas escaping from the two leaks.”, said the Danish company via Twitter.

Nord Stream 2 in the Baltic Sea suffered a major methane leak a few days ago after an underwater explosion that reportedly halted gas flow from Nord Stream 2 in the Baltic Sea on Saturday. Investigation showed that hundreds of kilos of explosives were used. .

Russian President Vladimir Putin, On Friday he accused the West of sabotaging Russian-made pipelines, a charge rejected by the US and its allies.

With information from EropaPress and AP.