May 31, 2023

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They accuse a businessman of raping women and forcing them to tattoo his initials.

The Public Ministry From Sao Paulo, BrazilInvestigates 10 fresh complaints from women accusing businessman Thiago Brennet Fernandez VieiraRaped them and forced them to tattoo his initials.

According to the information collected at the local site globeThe episodes will begin in 2021 in the city Puerto Belize 49,915 citizens, where the president resides in a luxury condominium. Among the victims are young people who met him through social networks and in person, and additionally, those who had some kind of connection or relationship with him.

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The criminal case, which was launched after complaints filed by the women’s lawyers, is set to continue next week. Center for Victims of Violence (NAV) In the city of Sao Paulo.

Fernandez VieiraThe 42-year-old was charged months ago with assault causing bodily injury and corruption of minors after assaulting a model at a gym she allegedly encouraged her underage son to abuse.

Businessman Thiago Brennan fled Brazil after accusations of aggression (Photo: Instagram)

“The case was revealed through a TV show Excellent, who showed the video of the attacks and interviewed the student. The businessman was kicked out of the gym. The complaint prompted other victims to denounce the businessman”, reviewed the site.

Marcio Zanjacomo, an attorney sponsoring one of the new plaintiffs asked the attorney general’s office to investigate the principal for violations, unlawful detention, mistreatment and bodily injury. “Some of my clients said that the businessman forced them to tattoo the letters TFV,” he asserted.

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After the case impact, Fernandez Vieira I am traveling United Arab States In early September. Justice Bye Paulo forced him back Brazil Within ten days, until the following Friday the 23rd, meanwhile, his side challenged the decision, but it was not upheld.

In addition to suspending the businessman’s passport, the court banned him from going to the gym and accessing witnesses. In case of non-compliance with prescribed precautions, A detention order may be issued.

Police seized weapons at the home of businessman Thiago Brennan who was accused of assault (Photo: Capture o Globo)
Police seized weapons at the home of businessman Thiago Brennan who was accused of assault (Photo: Capture o Globo)

This Saturday Civil Police A collector seized the weapons in a closet in the equestrian center of the Fazenda Boa Vista condominium in Puerto Felice.