February 7, 2023

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These are the most searched trends by Mexicans in Bournemouth in 2021

(Photo: Pornhub)

Like every year, Bornhub, Popular site Adult entertainment, His released Annual Report About The most popular search trends By its users Globally.

During 2021, Mexico Consumed too much of this content while uploading Four posts Ranked globally, as compared to last year The sixth most visited website in the world. The stage is led by the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.

The Average time Enjoy photos and videos of a Mexican pornhup 09:16 minutes (16th place), 02:15 minutes less than the leading Philippine players in this category.

What else, Nine out of 10 users log in via a smartphone; It became the country that used the device the most (surpassing Italy with 90 percent). The rest (6%) do it on a tablet or desktop computer.

(Photo: Pornhub)
(Photo: Pornhub)

Another notable fact is that this year The number of users in Mexico has increased significantly, With points of +9, viz 43% of the country’s total traffic This applies to women and 57% of men.

That figure absorbs Mexico Fourth in the ratio of users, The Philippines (with 52%), Colombia (with 49%) and Argentina (with 47%) are just behind.

And now Mexico Country with the highest number of users aged 18-24, With 47 per cent; 24% are between the ages of 25 and 34; 16% aged 35 to 44 years; 6% are between 45 and 54 years of age and the rest are over 55 years of age.

(Photo: Pornhub)
(Photo: Pornhub)

On the other hand, the top 5 most sought after content types by Mexicans are also in the following order:

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1 Hyundai

2 Lesbian


4 Mexican

5 House

It is worth noting that changes are included in a significant range ‘Anal’ (+5), ‘Clonas’ (+9) and ‘Small’ (+16) Includes a + 255% increase in trend searches in 2021 ‘ஒடக்கு‘, For + 182% ‘Naruto’ And + 145% ‘Hinotta’.

Compared to other parts of the world, visitors to Mexico are 229% more likely to visit this category. “Pair of scissors”, 105% more Popular among women And 89% more in parody videos.

Finally, the Porn stars Favorites for Mexicans:

1 Lana Rhodes

2 Jordi El Nino Polla

3 Danger of Abella

4 Eva Elf

5 Riley Reid

(Photo: Special)
(Photo: Special)

In Japanese culture, Hyundai can refer to any type Sexual violence. But around the world he often describes the way Anime porn, Japanese film and television animation style. Hundreds of thousands of Hyundai videos can be found on Pornhub, including professional productions, home-made animations by fans, and 3D-created scenes.

Hyundai Became the most popular search word in the world After it went to number one in the United States, Bournemouth’s biggest audience. Hyundai is one of the top ten searches in 2021 in almost every country.

The Dr. Larry Petito, Medical Psychologist, Sex Therapist and Director of Pornhub’s Center for Sexual Wellbeing, Pointing to Pornhub, Cartoons “They’m more wonderful than ordinary porn.”

“They can provide more visual stimuli in terms of movements, angles, colors and facial expressions. Since this is not true, you can go further with fewer restrictions than reality. Hyundai pornography also seems to have more of a story, and people are more and more attracted to the environment,” he stressed.

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