March 22, 2023

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The Unusual Story of Jones Huala’s Arrest | Deportation will not be easy or quick

The woman, who was alone, heard a noise in the barbeque area. It seemed to him that someone was singing something in the dark night of El Bolson’s La Esperanza neighborhood. Eventually, he called the police, and a patrol car arrived within minutes. In the background, a sleeping woman is actually a man. When approached by agents, he himself said: “I am Jones Huala.” Until then, no one was looking for him, there was no investigation or spectacular intelligence operation. The police officers looked at each other in disbelief, and one didn’t even know who it was. After drinking, it was immediately clear that Jones was a Huala He went to sleep, but he went to the wrong house. The fact was so small that the owner of the house did not confirm the complaint. Macrismo, and the media that echoes it, never misses an opportunity to turn the subject into a cover story.

After a typical episode of comedy of problems, Mapuche leader Facundo Jones Huala faces a winding handover process where a long series of questions are raised. Perhaps most telling is whether Jones Huala continues to support his community today or remains isolated..

Chilean extradition request

Jones Huala should be acquitted of El Polson’s ordinary crimes – extortion and minor damage. However, it has not yet been decided whether Chile’s claim will be formalized in Bariloche or Esquel – a hearing will take place in the Federal Court on Thursday. of Extender The two right-wing governments agreed in 2018, the extradition of Sebastián Piñera and Mauricio Macri.. There will certainly be a request for his release at trial, so Jones Huala awaits independent results, but it won’t be easy for him to be granted the benefit.

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Jones Huala was not detained at the request of the Chilean justice system. Only one person was booked with Interpol. Blue alert, A third category of warnings It has the International Association of Police Officers. only Red alert refers to custody; The Yellow alert In the context of the conflict between mothers and fathers is mainly the search for persons who have to sustain the abducted minors. And this Blue alert is a Where is the request. In other words, it is not intended to arrest, but rather to inform the requesting country of the whereabouts of the wanted person.

However, Chile moved quickly to ask not to release Jones Huala and is preparing an extradition request. They have already sent a request to Argentina from the Trans-Andean Prosecutor’s Office, although the final documents will take some time to arrive..

Released until the court overturns it

In January 2022, the Mapuche leader was released from prison after serving part of a sentence handed down by the Chilean justice system in 2016 as a result of a fire at his Pisu Pisuwe farm in the south of the trans-Andean country. 2013 for arson and illegal possession of a weapon. In 2017 Jones Huala was arrested in Argentina and two right-wing governments They were hurriedly deported using a helicopter. In February 2022, Chile’s Supreme Court reversed the release, but they were unable to recapture Jones Huala, who had already secretly returned to Argentina.

Looking at the case of the country’s most famous fugitive, Fabian Pepin Rodriguez Simonwho had been in Uruguay for 800 days, evading Argentine justice; Haulage processes are not easy. Suddenly, they begin the slow and arduous process of justice. The only fast track is for Jones to accept Huala’s return to Chile. But this does not seem to be the alternative the Mapuche leader is contemplating. Therefore, everything points to the fact that he will fight against his extradition – certainly by the lawyer Manuel Manzilla.

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Deport Argentina? Case of Moriah Gasan

The reality is that in Argentina – and in almost every country in the world – it is not easy to deport someone who was born in the same country. Brazil, Germany, Israel, Spain and Iran are good examples of countries that directly prohibit the deportation of nationals, and that prohibition is found in their respective constitutions or even in old laws. In Argentina, this rule does not exist, but there are others that make it very difficult for the government to extradite an Argentine to another country for trial.

Paraguay’s request for Moria Gasan’s extradition was rejected after two years of processing. Likewise, Diva finally decided to travel of her own free will because her legal status in the land of Guarani prevented her from working there or in any other country. The same was the case with financier Hernán Arbizu, whose extradition was requested by the United States not less than eight years ago. After this long procedure, in agreement with the American authorities, Arbisu decided to take the plane to New York.

The procedure starts with a request for extradition from Chile and is in the hands of the federal court in Bariloche or Esquel. The process will be speeded up by extending what has already been done in 2018, as Jones Huala has already been deported during the Mauricio Macri government as a precedent. But the chairman’s lawyer is sure to appeal and the case will end. reach the Supreme Court. Although the Supreme Court upheld the extradition, The executive branch will have the last word.

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Pepin Rodríguez Simon’s mirror

Of course, Political pressures will be at the center of the sceneStarting with the opposition, which has already celebrated this Monday, will insist that the Jones Huala be handed over to Chile. In parallel, Magrista leaders have said nothing about Pepin in Uruguay. In the trans-Andean country, Sebastian Piñera’s right-wing government is no more, but Gabriel Boric’s administration would do well to pay some attention to public opinion. First signs indicate that they will move aggressively to get the handover.

There is the question of the support Jones Huala holds today. In fact, there is no reason for it to continue to stop because the reason for the intrusion is so small. There is another file in Esquel that goes so far as to say that the events occurred while Jones Huala was already in Chile. In this configuration, a lot depends on backups. It is already known that Macrismo and the accompanying media do not care about the adventures of Joe Louis or Benetton in Patagonia. Instead, Mapuchi’s existence is identified with the criminal and the terrorist. They will demand imprisonment and deportation.

In this unequal war, however, the process does not seem to be resolved quickly.