June 6, 2023

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The United States has successfully led counter-terrorism operations in northwestern Syria

The Pentagon has confirmed that the operation was carried out in the early hours of the morning

The United States announced on Thursday morning that it had “successfully” launched a counter-terrorism military operation in Idlib province.Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that at least thirteen people have been killed in northwestern Syria’s last opposition stronghold.

“Special Operations Forces under the control of the US Central Command carried out counter-terrorism operations in northwestern Syria tonight. The mission was a success. “Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement.

Washington, which said there were no casualties during the operation, is expected to release more details in the coming hours about the rare intervention in the anti-Syrian region where US operations are generally assigned to high-level targets.

“In an operation similar to the assassination of Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi almost three years ago.”In October 2019, the Observatory confirmed that the life of the former leader of the Islamic State (IS), a jihadist group, ended in Idlib in reference to the US attack.

At least thirteen people, including two minors, were killed today in an operation in the Atme area on the border with the Turkish city of Iskander, according to the United Kingdom-based NGO.

The group added that militants had clashed with international troops during the operation, citing locals.

U.S. Army Headquarters, Pentagon
U.S. Army Headquarters, Pentagon

Idlib province is mainly dominated by the Levant Liberation Agency, which is al Qaeda’s former Syrian affiliate, formerly known as the Nusra Front, and is home to a number of armed groups that could be targeted by Washington.

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A few days after the end of a riot in al-Hasaka in northeastern Syria, nearly half a thousand people were killed with the help of an IS prison and this is considered the biggest operation since the defeat of the terrorist group. Country three years ago.

The US-led international coalition fighting IS in Syria and Iraq backed its Kurdish allies who held prisons and held large parts of northeastern Syria during the uprising.

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