May 31, 2023

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The United Kingdom has confirmed two cases of Omicron variant of the corona virus

The United Kingdom has confirmed two cases of Omigron variant of Covit-19 (EFE / EPA / ANDY RAIN / File).

UK Minister of Health, Sajid JavedConfirmed this Saturday Two cases of a variant of a corona virus called omigron, The latest appearance and is considered a concern by the World Health Organization.

These cases were identified in the cities of Chelmsford and Nottingham, Which will be a scenario of additional tests for people to identify further potential infections, the minister said in a chain statement. BBC.

Two have been isolated and both cases are related, According to the Minister in connection with a variation first identified in South Africa.

A few hours ago, health officials Czech Republic Said They were checking the possible existence of a case Omigran variant of the corona virus in the country. Prime Minister of the country, Andrzej Babis, Said a woman in Namibia flew back to the Czech Republic via South Africa and Dubai.

Health officials wanted to call for peace. “We are awaiting confirmation or refutation of this evidenceAccording to an SZU spokesperson, Stefanka Chechova, To the news portal நோவிங்கி.

“It is necessary to wait for the results of the complete gene sequencing, which will take some time,” Chechova said, adding that he estimated that the results would be known on Sunday, the news portal said. நோவிங்கி.

The Minister of Social Affairs of the German state of Hesse Kai Klose said this on his Twitter account this Saturday. This variant has already arrived in Germany “it is quite possible”.

Several common Omicron mutations were found in a passenger from South Africa last night. Now the whole sequence is still pending, but there is more skepticismHe added on his Twitter account.

People walking in London (REUTERS / Henry Nichols / Archive)
People walking in London (REUTERS / Henry Nichols / Archive)

British scientists are trying to quell fears about the new variant

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Several British scientists tried this Saturday To lower the alarm Formed by the origin of the omigran variant of the corona virus, and is considered contagious, and Noted that existing vaccines are effective To prevent serious illness.

Immunologist Andrew Pollard, Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, which developed the Oxford-AstraZeneca product, pointed out BBC Although it still takes a while to establish its effects, Many mutations of this variant are already present in others where vaccines are effective.

“From a speculative point of view, We are somewhat optimistic that the vaccine (AstraZeneca) will still work against the new variant In the sense of preventing the development of a serious illness, it will take weeks to confirm it, ”he declared.

Mutations (omigranin) are present in other variants, and vaccines have been successful in preventing serious diseases in alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.“, Continued.

According to this expert, “With the vaccinated population, the epidemic is unlikely to recur as seen last year.”.

In the same way, the microbiologist Pot Semble, A member of the British Government’s Sage Advisory Board, told the public broadcaster that Ómicron’s originIt was not a disaster“And urged his colleagues not to”ExaggerationPossible effects.

The vaccine protects the immune system from becoming more severely infected. You may have a terrible headache or runny nose, but the chance of going to the hospital or intensive care or, unfortunately, the mortality from the vaccine is greatly reduced, it will continue, ”he said.

Semple Sam applies to governments temporarily restricting visitor entry from countries with high incidence of the new variant “buy time” In order to advance the vaccination program, experts need to determine its true effects.

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The Omigron variant, which has led many states to stop flights to South Africa, worries the World Health Organization about the high number of mutations that have been detected in about thirty in two weeks, not just in South Africa. But also in neighboring Botswana, Hong Kong or Belgium.

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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