March 22, 2023

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The UK has more than 150,000 infected with the corona virus

Nurses treat a patient with COVID-19 in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) at Milton Keynes University Hospital, UK (REUTERS / Toby Melville / File)

The United Kingdom recorded 313 deaths from COVID-19 this Saturday, With what The death toll from the corona virus outbreak in the country has risen to 150,057., According to official data.

In the last 24 hours, in addition 146,390 new corona virus infections, A person retreating from the record on Tuesday, at a time Hospitals are under pressure from the Omicron variant, Very contagious.

The country continues to struggle Dangerous increase in casualties in its toilets, When Its hospitals receive a large number of affected patients By Ómicron attacking the entire Northeast and Northwest.

According to the latest official data released by the National Statistics Office (ONS), The number of medical center staff absent from the UK due to the virus has risen to 39,142 in the past month., Preparation One in 12 staff is not available in critical hospital units.

In response to this, About 3.7 million people were affected in the country in the week ending December 31, 64% more than the previous week.

A masked man passes a Govt-19 warning sign at the Royal London Hospital (REUTERS / May James) in London.
A masked man passes a Govt-19 warning sign at the Royal London Hospital (REUTERS / May James) in London.

National hospitals will also face Large number of additions to the corona virus since last FebruaryOn the 6th 18,454 people were admitted into the United Kingdom, with a weekly increase of 40% and the highest number ever recorded since February 18, 2021.

At Greater Manchester County Medical Centers (North West English) earlier this week 17 hospitals had to suspend “non-emergency” operations.

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The two directors of the NHS-Public Health Service Hospitals Hospital Trusts in the North West of the country are promising. That area is getting much worse From the Omigron wave in the UK.

We are centered now and have no sense that problems are going to get smoother“One of the executives agreed in a statement issued by the British newspaper today FT.

In the capital, London, about 200 British soldiers – since yesterday – have begun to be stationed in hospitals Across the city to strengthen the public health service in the face of increasing casualties.

According to the Ministry of Defense, those who will be in these operations for the next three weeks are among those soldiers 40 military physicians and 160 personnel.

A health worker (REUTERS / Peter Nichols) at the Vaccination Center at Wembley Stadium in London
A health worker (REUTERS / Peter Nichols) at the Vaccination Center at Wembley Stadium in London

A second booster dose is not yet required

Considering the rate of diffusion of Omigron, Experts, known as the Joint Vaccine and Immunization Group (JCVI), believe a fourth vaccine is no longer needed. Current booster doses provide strong protection against serious diseases derived from this variant in the elderly.

The latest official figures from the country’s health care agency say so For British people over the age of 65, three months after the booster dose or the third injection, the coverage of those admitted to Covit-19 Hospital is 90%..

With regard to the protection against serious disease obtained from the administration of two doses of the drug, it is reduced to 70% after three months and 50% after six months.

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The JCVI has recommended that the Boris Johnson government continue for the time being. All adults prioritize the administration of that booster injectionInstead of starting to give a fourth dose to vulnerable groups such as those over 80 or those living in nursing homes.

“Current data show that even with older and more vulnerable groups, the booster dose provides greater protection against serious diseases.“, The expert said Wei Shen Lim, President of JCVI in the reports collected by the national media today.

In reports today Times Radio, Expert Mike Tilstesley, From the University of Warwick, has suggested that the Omigron variant may change locally just like what happens in the common cold.

Although we are not there yet, the Omigron is the first ray of light, indicating that it has been the same for a long time. It is more contagious than delta, which is worrying, but much less intense“, he said.

That expert thought it was now “Especially worrying“Statistics of hospital admissions while the situation in the Northeast and Northwest of the country is in London”Going down”.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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