May 31, 2023

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The UK has again ordered the mandatory use of masks in shops and public transport for the Omigron variant

Masked passengers underground in London (Reuters)

The masks are back Mandatory in shops and public transport On All travelers returning from overseas will be required to undergo UK and PCR testing, As part of measures against the Omigron variant of the corona virus, the British government pointed out this Sunday.

Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland already use the terms of the mask, while the UK – the most populous region, has a population of 56 out of 77 million in the UK – Removed all social restrictions last July.

Speaking to Sky Channel, Health Minister Sajid Javed said,The rules for face coverage are due to come into effect from Tuesday.“, So”Temporary and temporary”, Until the strategy is reviewed in at least three weeks.

To reuse masks, “on public transport or in stores, in a proportionate way, with the right amount of response”, Added. And, thus he said Expects “people to take it seriously.” The move comes after the use of masks was controversially dropped in the UK last July.

He also pointed out that this would be implemented “as soon as possible” after agreements with the autonomous governments, announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday. Vaccinated passengers undergo PCR testing, not antigen testing, Returned to the UK, and Isolate themselves until a negative result is reached.


Although Javed did not specify when the measure would take effect, the executive website states that “as of 4:00 GMT (Tuesday) November 30, only PCR tests will be accepted and not antigens will be allowed.” Complete vaccination schedule.

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According to Johnson, the passengers were vaccinated They should undergo a PCR test before the end of the second day of their arrival and restrain themselves until it is confirmed that they are free of the virus.. Requirements for those not vaccinated do not change and all positives should be isolated for ten days.

British nationals or residents from one of the ten African countries considered to be at risk until this Sunday – citizens unable to travel to this country – will have to pay for their accommodation and lock themselves in a designated hotel.

Javed argued that thanks to the high level of immunization among the people, The situation is not “close” enough to reintroduce the obligation to work from home or to maintain personal distance or reduce social contact.

Passengers at London Heathrow Airport (Reuters)
Passengers at London Heathrow Airport (Reuters)

Johnson yesterday stressed the importance of “buying time” and reducing infections until experts determine the effect of the new variant, which he said “seems to be spreading very quickly” and “among individuals with a full vaccination schedule.”

That is another step he has taken Relatives and cousins ​​of those positively tested with the Omigran variant should be isolated whether or not they have been vaccinated, and they are now exempt if there are no symptoms..

All of these measures are expected to be tabled in parliament on Monday, although the referendum will end in time after they take effect on Tuesday.

Health officials have found that there are two infections with the Omigran variant in two English circles, between them and South Africa – this type was initially diagnosed-.

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As of this Sunday a total of ten African countries have been added to the British Red List of highest risk areas, with the exception of British citizens or residents who cannot travel to the UK.

On Friday, the government listed South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and Ezwatini, now joined by Angola, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.

(With information from EFE)

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