May 31, 2023

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The U.S. Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has warned that Nicaragua will continue to monitor the situation despite its withdrawal from the OAS.

Daniel Ortega (EFE / George Torres / Archive)

The American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) Nicaragua this Saturday regretted its decision to withdraw from the OAS and asked for a reconsideration, but insisted Will continue to pay close attention to the human rights situation in Central America.

IACHR, an autonomous body Organization of American States (OAS) regretted this Friday’s announcement by the Nicaraguan regime that it had decided to condemn the continent’s charter and begin the process of withdrawing from it, which would last two years.

The Commission calls on the State of Nicaragua to reconsider its decision and to engage the political bodies of the OAS and / or Organization in good faith and engage in genuine dialogue in accordance with their human rights obligations.”, IACHR pointed out.

For that reason, he hoped Nicaragua would change its position before leaving in 2023, which would be detrimental to the commission. “To the people of Nicaragua“In an environment”Serious human rights violations“In the country.

“The IACHR emphasizes that the State of Nicaragua is bound by all international instruments of which it is a party; this reaffirms its capabilities on the State of Nicaragua and will continue to implement its monitoring mandates,” the agency stressed.

Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Uruguayan Luis Almagro (EFE / Lenin Noli / Archivo)
Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Uruguayan Luis Almagro (EFE / Lenin Noli / Archivo)

He noted that this monitoring will be carried out by Nicaragua special follow-up mechanism (Meseni), which is dedicated to analyzing and assessing the human rights situation in the country.Compliance with recommendations“And Precautionary measures Published by IACHR.

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Messi moved to Managua in June 2018 to pursue a pre-national tour of the country, but in December of the same year, the team that worked on the mechanism was expelled from Nicaragua, after which it has continued to work on the issue. Washington., Where the Commission and the OAS are headquartered.

For this, Messini “Maintains daily contact with civil society organizations in Nicaragua, as well as with deportees, victims and their families.”, According to the IACHR website.

Rule of law in Nicaragua “Broke“, By”Establishment of power concentration and exception status in management”.

“An environment of general impunity continues Serious human rights violations Made within the framework of state repression, “the IACHR said, and it feels”Impact of closure of democratic spaces, cessation of freedom and freedom of expression”.

Nicaragua’s decision to withdraw from the OAS The November 7 general election, which guaranteed President Daniel Ordega to remain in power at the organisation’s 51st General Assembly this month, declared that “neither free nor fair nor transparent nor democratic. Legitimacy “.

(With information from EFE)

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