March 22, 2023

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The mystery of the Statue of Liberty hidden in a field on the outskirts of Buenos Aires

The discoverer of “La Libertad” is devoted to Urbex and uploads his adventures on his YouTube channel Walking with Hernon (YouTube Capture).

The legend travels the province of Buenos Aires by word of mouth. Those who hear him open their eyes wide in disbelief. A replica of the Statue of Liberty It’s nestled in the countryside of a Buenos Aires suburb, behind a roadside grill and some leafy poplars.

A copy of the New York monument was found by Hernán on one of his trips to explore abandoned places. “We were on a drive to the Fort of Buenos Aires on Route 24, and suddenly, behind some trees, the statue appeared to me –The man excitedly told Infopay-. I stopped the car because no one believed me.

Anonymous Urbex

The inventor of “La Libertad” is dedicated to Urbex and uploads his adventures on his channel YouTube (Walking with Hernan). This discipline seeks to transform the abandoned into art. They are trying to give life to something that has been destroyed. Discover the essence and life that it was before it was rubble.

Hernán is very clear about why he started in the Arbex world. “I broke up and my ex moved out To Katemarga to live with my son The analyst recalled. There I entered a depression, and I understood that the way out was to go to the destroyed places to close the wound of abandonment.

The Urbex expert did not want to give his last name or the coordinates where he found the mysterious statue.
The Urbex expert did not want to give his last name or the coordinates where he found the mysterious statue. “You can only say that you are in General Rodriguez”, he said (Photo by Juan Jose)

The Urbex expert did not want to give his last name or the coordinates where he found the mysterious statue. “I can only say that you are at General Rodriguez’s,” he said in a low voice, almost secretly.

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The YouTuber is strictly compliant with who he lists Ordinances of Urbex. “Do not reveal the exact location of the site, force any entry, litter or alter the site with paint or other additions, or observe entry or exit.”

Hernán stopped the car they were driving to an abandoned place when he saw the statue behind the roadside trees. His first companions laughed in his face, but at his insistence they turned to see what Hernan had to say.

They reached shoulder to shoulder and two men were looking at him A grill with ash A couple of sausages were slowly cooking in it. On the sides, tin signs: “Grandma 400 pesos and empty pan 600”. Hernán approached, while the grillmen did not move. “They told me that I could pass with two signs. So we prepared the equipment so that we could record our entire adventure,” said the Urbex fanatic.

Encounter with the Statue of Liberty

At the base of the statue are two young men drinking beer and surrounded by dogs. Hernán quietly approached and asked if he could record an asbestos-cement mass that perfectly imitated the one at the entrance to New York Harbor on Manhattan Island. “The animals barked at me and it scared me,” Hernán recalled. The kids laughed and passed us without drama.

Statue of Suburbs with a hornero nest on its shoulder (photo by Daniel Pozzio)
Statue of Suburbs with a hornero nest on its shoulder (photo by Daniel Pozzio)

Hernán recorded the video, which included a drone, and the images surprised users of his YouTube channel. In the images, the explorer is seen entering the field and the sound of his boots on the dry grass is heard. Immediately after crossing the tree line, the mole appears magically. “It’s a flash because it looks like an apocalyptic scene – he was excited – it’s like you’re walking through a devastated New York, and the only thing left is the Statue of Liberty”. A detail delivers a mass of fiber cement to the Buenos Aires countryside. On one of her shoulders, the woman has a clay hornero nest, a classic postcard from the Pampas.

Appearance of the statue

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Hernán investigated how “Libertad” came to the camp of General Rodríguez. A strong version was that it was part of the bowling alley decor Moreno’s Wall Street closed in the mid-2000s.

The West Nightclub opened in 1986 and became the epicenter of nightlife in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. It was very advanced for its time, with laser lights, smoke and a giant Statue of Liberty crowning it all.

Attendees also remember the countdown that started the night with a song from Virus or Soda Stereo. As so many people came to dance on Wall Street, the Sarminto train offered free service to Moreno.

According to Hernan, everyone says it’s the same statue, but no one knows how it got to Rodriguez’s field. Motocross and ATV races were held before the pandemic. But amid neighborhood complaints about noise and isolation that halted operations, the operation was suspended.

This year, El-Khent reappeared in the media for a video with high-end cars in front of the statue and even a helicopter flying over the area.

El-Kent used the idol of the suburbs for one of his video clips
El-Kent used the idol of the suburbs for one of his video clips

Another hidden statue in Buenos Aires

There is another statue in a square in Buenos Aires Belgrano Canyon. It was a gift from the French government to the American people to celebrate the centennial of its original Declaration of Independence (1876) and opened ten years later, on October 28, 1886.

It is located south of Manhattan and has a height of 46 meters. It was designed by the Frenchman Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and its construction required a structural solution in iron and steel, developed by the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel, who built the tower in Paris that bears his name.

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Many small-scale models emerged from the sculptor’s workshop. One of them arrived in Buenos Aires. Engraved Bartholdi’s signature at the bottom of one of its pages.

The Buenos Aires statue was unveiled before the one in New York, due to the delay in depositing the original in Manhattan. It’s not just the Statue of Liberty in Buenos Aires; Another one is in Callao, in front of Escuela Normal Superior Nº 9, between Corrientes and Lavalle avenues.

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