May 30, 2023

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The man responsible for the massive crash at the Tour de France will be jailed for four months: “She’s going through hell”

The moment Tony Martin receives the impact of the major accident

One of the most exciting events in the world of sports in 2021 The biggest accident during the Tour de France. A spectator came in front of a TV camera to show a poster and knocked down a cyclist Tony Martin, As a result of a domino that was in the history of the competition, took a real crowd with him to the field. The culprit escaped from the scene, but it lasted Fled for four days until decided to appear before a judge.

Local environment Western France He announced it Solan Bryant He announced before the judges that they had already started talking about four months in prison for the accident. “It’s not really volunteering. I’m ashamed of this situation. I love sports. I know all the flaws that this represents in an athlete’s life.”He explained to the authorities and often comes to tears.

According to the current tax representative, the main culprit “Admitted the danger of his conduct”, “spontaneously admitted the facts” and “regretted” the injured cyclists.. It is to be noted that he was prosecuted for “danger to others” and “accidental injuries.” “It’s a blink of an eye,” she told her grandmother, who lost her sister two days before the crash.

Romuwalt Palau, lawyer for the Cyclists' Association, in front of existing cameras (Photo: REUTERS)
Romuwalt Palau, lawyer for the Cyclists’ Association, in front of existing cameras (Photo: REUTERS)

To close, she argued the reason she involved herself with the police was: “Crime is huge, it’s high”. The final sentence will be announced on December 9. His lawyer Julian Bradmets, Not wanting to hold a closed door session, underlined his client’s “weak personality”. “This sensitivity has increased tenfold, so today my client is going through hell”, The legal representative announced in front of the microphones waiting outside the enclosure.

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In addition, he denounced a “media circus” around the matter and insisted that there was already a “social permit” that psychologically damaged his client. “A four-month suspension will always be less than the pain they experience when running down the street.”, Romult Palau, lawyer for civil parties at the end of the trial, International Organization Related professional cyclists (CPA) and National Association of Professional Cyclists (UNCP)

“This girl made a big ball, it could have even bigger consequences, but she’s not a terrorist.”In the morning Grande announced Bowgill as director, Christian PrudhommeWith the exception of the presentation of the 2022 Tour course, the tests are already in the hands of the judge, and now Solan Bryant will have to wait until the scheduled date for final approval to come to light.

Brest City Court finds her guilty (Photo: REUTERS)
Brest City Court finds her guilty (Photo: REUTERS)