May 30, 2023

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The government-sponsored law was suspended on October 17

The government expected the president to act Alberto Fernandez He is going to be the only speaker, it will take place at a football stadium in the city or province of Buenos Aires, As announced by Ambito.

It was mentioned that the President would use the meeting to announce the formation of the meeting “Five Year Plan” for Massive Housing Construction until 2026.

Chief Officer, Juan Manzoor, He acknowledged that there was no mobilization on October 17 and said the government would join the CGD protest.

“There will be no mobilization on the 17th, things will not happen as planned; there will be different events across Argentina,” Mansour said. The President will deliver a message through the media to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the Peronist Faith Day.

When, Manzoor He is leaving for the United States this Thursday, where he will stay until Saturday. The aim is to participate in conjunction with the Minister of Economy. Martin GuzmanMeeting with local investors in the North to attend the annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank.

Also, this Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Gaza Rosada, Manzoor Will lead a meeting with the new Secretary of Commerce, Roberto Felletti, Along with supermarkets to assess the problem Prices.

Before the meetings, Felletti said The purpose of his administration was to “reduce the weight of the basic food basket on the payroll”., “To restore the tradition of Peronism, in which people ate more or less what they wanted.”

“This is going to be a very difficult time for Argentina and it will not be any worse. We need to restore the tradition of Peronism that people ate more or less what they wanted and ate at home.”, He insisted.

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