May 31, 2023

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The duo conducted an experiment to compare vegetarian diets with an omnipotent diet: What are the results?

Turner twins, as they are well known Turner doubles, They were recognized for their many adventures and trips to the most remote and inaccessible places on the planet, and one of their latest challenges gave them something to talk about. Rose and Hugo decided Compare vegetarianism to omnipotence And showed results.

Being twins and sharing identical physical and genetic conditions made them subject to experimentation. Duration 12 weeks And monitored by researchers at King’s College.

Both adopted different diets, one was vegetarian and the other was omnipotent. Physical training program Basic health measurements such as weight, fat and muscle mass were monitored.

The brothers realized that 12 weeks was not enough time to start a food study.

“We wanted to eliminate bias and opinion, we wanted to bring it to the genetic level (…) we are genetically identical and can compare ourselves in extreme contexts,” Ross explained to the site. Who is inside.

Vegetarian diet

Before starting his vegetarian diet, Hugo weighed about 84 kg and had 13% body fat. About a month after leaving the animal stuff, Lost almost two kilos (Although he recovered some during the process).

At the end of the test, he weighed 82 kg His body fat dropped to 12%. His cholesterol level is also low. “By eating vegetarian, you have to make up for it, so I ate really unhealthy foods,” he explained.

Even He said his “mental focus was so good, he had no less energy in the middle of the afternoon.” And it felt “a little more loaded”.

Both underwent a health examination to assess changes in body weight, cholesterol, and muscle mass.

This diet also caused major changes in Hugo’s gut microbiome, as his regular animal-based protein was replaced by tofu, tempeh (fermented soybeans) and jackfruit.

Almighty food

In Ross’ case, he had 13% body fat when he started testing He gained 4.5kg of muscle when he finished. It raised his overall percentage to 15% and final weight to 85kg. Similarly, their cholesterol levels remained unchanged throughout the 12 weeks of testing.

That the duo described Their diet was basically balanced with macronutrients, Consumption of poultry, fish, red meat, vegetables, milk and grains. Previously, I only ate toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and a little protein for dinner.

Results of the experiment

But to their surprise, the twins saw one Its microbial diversity decreases, Or the number of different types of bacteria present in the gut. It is less effective in recovering against certain types of chronic diseases.

At the end of 12 weeks, Hugo and Ross’ results are no differentEven with very different diets. In conclusion, the Turner duo explained that the optimal diet is based on a combination of foods of plant and animal origin.

The Turner twins considered it best to eat all kinds of foods.

But despite that, These findings cannot be extended to the whole population Because they are high performance athletes, very strict training routines and diets, a simple change of which can lead to better or worse sports performance.

“There are benefits to having a vegetarian diet as well as eating meat. I don’t think any of them work better than the rest here,” Hugo said. “We will make a mix of the two, meat-free days and add more vegetarian food to our diet, eat better quality meat and less. We have got the best in both worlds,” Ross concluded.

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