May 30, 2023

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The Chilean House of Representatives voted to impeach President Sebastian Pinara

Delegates’ Room Chile Vote on the constitutional charge this Monday To decide on the removal of the President Sebastian Pinera The case revealed in the Pandora documents for the controversial sale of a mining company in the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands.

Initiative Directed by the Opposition It was revealed to the Conservative president in 2010 by the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) that he knew the terms of the sale of the Dominga Mining Company by his sons’ company.

The session will begin with a discussion of the origin of the charge or the 99-page document Pinara was accused of violating the code of ethics And the right to live in a pollution-free environment, and for compromising the dignity of the nation.

According to the Chilean media CIPER and LaBot, Pandora’s documents show that Pinora’s children sold the Dominga mining company to businessman Carlos Alberto Delano – a close friend of the president. For $ 152 million.

This action took place during the first Pinara government (2010-2014) This mostly happened in the Virgin Islands.

Had to pay in three installments. A controversial clause “last paid”No environmental protection area has been established In the area of ​​mining activities, as stated by environmental groups.

That area, which included a real natural treasure on the Pacific coast, after the conquest of Pinara, Not considered a recommended safety zone By its predecessor Michael Bachelet (2006-2010).

According to the deputy who defended the charge, Socialist Jaime Naranzo, the opposition 78 votes were cast in favor of approving the defamation, Which must be voted on later in the Senate.

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The problem is that the vote must be face-to-face and one of the representatives supporting it is Giorgio Jackson of the left-wing Frende Amblio. Can’t come until midnight.

Jackson is here Isolation Until that time For being in close contact Gabriel Borick, the presidential candidate of the same coalition, said he was positive Corona virus A week ago.

The deputy explained that the PCR test (swapping) had already been carried out and that it was negative, but until his isolation was over, he would not appear in Congress, so the strategy devised by Naranzo That would have delayed his alleged speech by hours.

I have 1,300 sheets of talk. I will speak until Giorgio Jackson is in the Chamber of Deputies, ”Naranzo said on his Twitter account.

Without that referendum, they warn from the opposition, The charge is invalid and dismissed.

On his behalf, George Calves, President Pinera’s lawyer, said last Monday that there was a constitutional charge in Congress. Based on false facts Or they are said to be cunning and misrepresented.

The president will be able to plead guilty again this Monday before holding a lower house vote to determine whether his dismissal is appropriate.

Source: AFP and EFE