May 30, 2023

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The ambassador to Chile described the winner of the first presidential round as anti-Argentine

Rafael Bielsa, Argentine Ambassador to Chile (Credit: Santiago Saferstein)

Argentine Ambassador to Chile, Raphael Bylsa, Chile Presidential Election Winner Explains “Antiargentino“And”Racism”. About Jose Antonio Cast, A right-wing lawyer who received 28.02% of the vote yesterday. The second round will take place on December 19: his opponent will be the candidate of the Left Broad Front, Gabriel Borick, who received 25.5% of the vote.

If one takes public demonstrations as part of the verdict, Cast reveals his anti-Argentine sentiment as a further seal to the phrases he utters. Historically we have been told of stolen territories, we must stop stealing territories from Chile, to all sorts of racist expressions against Argentines, I have kept them on file, recorded and read.“, He responded in a conversation with a journalist Renault Sidecase In Radio Con Vos.

Despite the role he has occupied, the diplomat has not hidden his preference for Borik, he predicts – which will guarantee a more fluid relationship with the Argentine government.

Pizza’s opinion is surprising, as it is part of a government that has adopted a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries to avoid specific definitions of institutional abuse recorded in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Far-right candidate Jose Antonio Cast celebrated with his wife Maria Pia Atriasola in Santiago de Chile last night.
Far-right candidate Jose Antonio Cast celebrated with his wife Maria Pia Atriasola in Santiago de Chile last night.

In another interview he gave to the radio ExposurePizza warned “Articles by cast advisers against Argentina are aggressive.” He also recalled several tweets released last year, which highlighted Chile’s sovereignty. “Someone said It is enough that Argentina has already stolen so much territory from the territory of Chile. They are not friendly statements, ”he said.

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When asked about Kast’s support for La Libertad Avanza’s newly elected vice president, Javier Milei, Bielsa downplayed what happened and said, “I do not care.”

In an encouraging tweet to the presidential candidate’s liberal economist, he described his victory as great news for Latin America.. “Argentina is a great country and for decades it has been ravaged by populism and incompetence. Abuse and corruption are enough!”, Cast, published on his networks, is leading the idea of ​​facing the ballot and voting nationally.

This is the first time since the return of democracy in Chile in 1990 that the traditional center-left and center-right parties have not advanced to the second round.

Although the two favorites have ideologically opposing plans, no candidate can avoid promoting welfare and social rights in his campaign because this is the biggest shortcut demand in Chile since the October 2019 uprising.

“Costin’s speech is very general and inaccurate, but it’s not comparable to Pinera’s speech.”, Pilsa compared him to Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro; And former US President Donald Trump.

It is also mentioned in it “Cast is a degenerate, pinochetist right-wing man, not afraid to say its name” And “the disruption of the 2019 riots also took place in the constituency elections”.

The Argentine ambassador to Chile stated that he was concerned about the progress of the right wing “on the side of unpredictability and lightness in analysis.” He acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Trump’s government.

“This raises issues that need to be prioritized, such as integration in our region.” Pizza insisted, he described Cost as an individual who appeared to be “a fringe option” and he now prevails among candidates.

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As for Pizza, it is unclear where the votes of Franco Paris, a liberal economist who has established himself as a third force today, will go. “It simply came to our notice then. Pro-government candidate Chichel received 11%, from Castile 28% and from Paris 12%. There is not much doubt but there are many unknowns as the voter list is less than 50% and the voting is voluntary, ”he said.

Faced with the possibility of Cost winning the second round, the ambassador warned it “Chile’s right-wingers want to overthrow the government.”

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